Lios Bikes

Has anyone ever come across this company before?

They make custom bikes, and are based down in Portsmouth I think. A mate just asked if I had any experience of them, or knew anyone that did.

The company are a bunch of ex-military chaps, and they do deals for service men and women. My friend that is interested is my navy buddy so he knows he can get a decent discount. One of the lads he was riding with on a Navy jolly in Snowdonia a couple of weeks had one and like it.


Heard of them, yes. Not sure how ‘custom’ they are though.

ETA - the frames they were using a few years back looked to be open-mould.

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Yeah fair point. Just had a look. More like they help you choose the right fitting frame and you can spec it up in colours and components. :+1:

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Not what you’re asking for I know but I rode with this guy while out in Girona. If you want a proper custom steel bike he absolutely knows his shit, hand builds them all himself, a decent guy and didn’t once try and sell me a bike and I actually had no idea who he was till the end. Also I was surprised how relatively inexpensive a custom bike frame was at ~£2.5k. He can also a hustle a grav’ bike down hill too!