London to Paris bike route

Has anyone ridden from London to Paris? We are planning on going from London to Newhaven & then Dieppe to Paris. Has anyone done that route and have any tips on route or a gps they could share?

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check out the Avenue Verte route. It’s a mixed route of roads, bridleways and old railway lines so best done using a gravel bike or similar. A lot of it is also traffic free so safer.

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Thanks…wouldnt suit a road bike then?

check out the route details in the link. Probably OK on a road bike but you might need to divert around the shittier parts. Or put wider tyres on the roadie if you can and have lots of spare inners handy just in case.

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@Whisk does it every year doesn’t he?


My OH parents lived in Seaford (up until Tuesday) which is just along from Newhaven. I’ve cycled down there many a time from London so have a decent route to do the UK part if you want it.

Funnily enough, I’m starting another London to Paris ride on Thursday :roll_eyes:.

We usually take the Dover crossing and then ride Calais to Amiens and Amiens to Paris, which is longer and lumpier, but I think more picturesque (once you’ve got out of Calais :roll_eyes:).

We did the Dieppe route for a charity ride to the start of the Rugby World Cup last September. We did Dieppe to Beauvais and Beauvais to Paris. The ride to Beauvais was mainly on the Avenue Vert. We deviated off it for one section, which might have been because it wasn’t suitable for road bikes, but generally it was fine for normal road tyres.

The Avenue Vert is a disused railway line, so the gradients are generally pretty gradual and it’s very straight. It’s not the most scenic route but it’s fast and efficient. It’s the route that the 24 hour London -Paris rides use. The tarmac was decent and the only thing slowing you down is the chicanes when it crosses a road


Thanks for that, we are planning the Dieppe route. Its about 120 miles I think, isnt it?
Would you be able to share the route?

Dieppe to Beauvais

Beauvais to Paris

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Thanks a lot

We obviously did the Dieppe to Paris leg over 2 days. If you were wanting to do it in 1 day then you can probably bypass Beauvais and make it more direct :man_shrugging:

It’s only 214km, why not do it in a day?
Barely 7 hours riding time that :white_check_mark::rofl::roll_eyes:

if ever there was a place for one of slogger’s nukes…

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You could always ride the Enduroman route…

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Err because I was trying to herd 20 rugby players who could barely ride past a bar without wanting to stop for a beer :roll_eyes:


Yeah, I saw :face_with_peeking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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