London to Paris tri, new record set by local boy

Wow just to make it even harder logistically. A lot of luck required to even finish it. Guess this kind of thing can be difficult mentally to prepare for knowing some things are largely out of your control. Impossible to really target records as too much scope for disappointment and little chance to try again!

It does take some of the romance out of the event - it feels like you should run from Marble Arch to the beach in Dover, strip down to your trunks and dive in for the swim, crawl out of the water somewhere in France and jump straight onto a bike for the ride to Paris :wink::thinking:


Awesome stuff. I was tracking it all the way. The record set here is for the non-wetsuit version. The wetsuit record is 10 hours faster. Both are incredibly good times and with minimal rest. Technically, if you were certain of run ability, you could almost do the run and get straight in the water but if you miss your swim start window you’re late and fighting the tides.

I left too much time between run and swim in hindsight and could have gone with 4 hours between run and swim not 14. But I wanted to be certain that I’d not miss my swim window if there were any problems with my run. You do have to head into Calais after the swim but that’s probably only 30 mins even if you’re quite a bit off course (I think my memory of this timescale might be a bit off though). I didn’t do the bike as I’d failed the swim but in terms of logistics I was worried about the arrival time in Paris and traffic and remember being pleased when my swim start was moved to midnight on a Friday night as it meant a Sunday evening finish.

It’s a great event. I’d do it again if I had the time to train. I did 15 hours a week in the 8 months build up


For most mere mortals, the clock is irrelevant…it is a case of using the T1 in particular to rest and refuel prior to the swim window opening…

I think a lot of people on here could aim for the WR if they had the time. As someone who swims about an hour for 3.8k and can do about 3:15 for a standalone marathon the WR is within my reach I am sure.

At 5mph you do the run in about 17 hours. Aim to start the swim at 24 hours in. Swim should take 12-16 hours for a reasonable swimmer so 36-40 hours in. Then you have 19 hours to cycle 180 miles and get a bit of sleep.

You need quite a bit of luck with tides/weather but I reckon anyone who can do an Ironman in under 11 hours (with a reasonable swim ability) is capable of a very good time.

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You make it sound so straightforward; are there any slots going next weekend?

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not sure that an hour in controlled environment of an IM swim has any relationship to a non wetsuit channel swim…

DC setting off next week…

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You can do it with a wetsuit on

not if you want to break the record…

The main record is for wearing a wetsuit - it’s a triathlon after all. There’s a very exclusive sub-record for those who do the swim in skins. Of the 40 finishers I think only 6? have completed without a wetsuit.

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New record set this morning 52h30m knocking 7 hours off the previous best time. Incredible.



so, Daniel finished in 77 hours…not shabby for a guy who could barely swim two years ago…


Friend of mine solo’d The channel yesterday in just over 13 hours, budgie smuglers hat and goggles.
Pictures looked amazing and conditions were very favourable still an absolutely marvellous achievement,

Arch to Arc solo is just an absolute mission

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and another record; 50:24 by #44


It seems the weather and sea conditions are perfect and it’s all about getting your swim window correct for a fast time. Although the run can’t have been pleasant.

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Incredible times being set. Jealous.

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Next year…?

Okay I’ve been prodded on fb and face to face about this, honestly it is appealing but does seem out of reach… So how hard is the swim? It’s the only bit that appeals to me to be honest, and seems the scariest, but it’s my strongest discipline and I’m fat so won’t need so much goose oil slathered on me.

Joex I have done this as a relay team, started out with 6 but that got cut to 4 due to the channel crossing, it was pretty rough and we were all honking up, 2 just didn’t take their turn in the water. It was good for me as I was swimming great just couldn’t move out of the horizontal on the boat!

In my experience the key is the channel crossing, you can walk to Dover in 24 hours and ride to Paris from Calais …it’s not easy but definitely achievable if you just keep on keeping on. The channel is the mountain to climb, poor weather and you may not even get your feet wet, you may start and then get pulled out …or it might just be the wrong day !
Big commitment, big bucks but big reward!
More people have stood on the top of Everest than have swum the channel.

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