London Triathlon 2021

Got the cancellation last week, autoenrolling me for next year so…thread.

Ah you have to laugh.

  • We have automatically deferred everyone’s entry into the 2021 event, for free.
  • All your subsidiary purchases will automatically transfer over too. So, if you bought: an iTab or a Premium Place etc… it will be transferred to 2021 for you.
  • You DON’T need to take any other action.

Which is pretty good given the palavar orher organisers are putting people through.

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Weekend Warrior for me. Cant wait for 14 months time :rofl:

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Does this elevation profile fit with reality? It’s been a long while since I rode around those roads but I can’t recall a 10% gradient anywhere.


I’m just doing it on Rouvy (no video) to get a sense of time/effort.

It’s only 25mtrs you Southern jessy, not even a hill.

Get over yourself.




It’s the accuracy of the Rouvy route I’m talking about, not fear of the real route! :laughing:

Over 300m seems unlikely for London that’s all…

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That bump will be the flyover from memory

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As @Adam says it will be the flyover at the end of the long straight as you head towards Canary Wharf.

You’ll have a slight rise when you come back out of the Limehouse Link as well


Lime house link is probably the best bit of the course!

Bloody quick going down that

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Well 215W Avg 220W Normalised got me 01:05:35 which seems a bit easy to me.

Good news for my target if that’s realistic though, goal achieved.

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It was only 38km back in the day as well, not sure if they’ve moved the cones since

There’s also the ramp back into Excel which is really steep

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and effing slippery if you get off the bike with shoes still on so leave the shoes on the pedals and dismount onto bare feet


“ The queuing system will take you down to the dockside; where you will ‘walk’ into the water individually - one at a time. There will be NO mass starts, and participants will be started approximately every 2.5 seconds.

The Swim start is marked between 2x buoys. Once you have entered the water, you can swim to warm-up to the start buoys and start your swim straight away.

How on earth are they timing the start then?

I guess your time will start when you cross a timing mat and walk nto the water.

and this method seems a bit odd now that the BTF are allowing mass starts again - I am TO at an event next weekend which has a mass start (although nowhere near the numbers that London will have)

Well that’s how I’d have imagined it, but your time starts, then you warm up, then you start the race? That doesn’t make sense.

I’ll email them

“ The timing matt will be before you enter the water”

So yeah, no warm up and race starts immediately with people entering every 2.5s

I love the half second.

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Yet another tri I won’t be doing. Hammy/glute still bad in left leg. I can walk now without pain but running still out. Last tri opportunity in September at Dorney.


I really don’t want to race. Basically stopped training two weeks ago when my kids routine changed and I didn’t adapt with it,

I have felt like this before and it’s always been rewarded with a shitty result or DNF.

Just did a 40min jog and felt like lead and my hamstring which never complains is reaching out in sympathy to you :man_facepalming:t2:


Don’t race then.

Just go and have fun
Go and help some noobs


Just found out a running club mate is off at the same time as me so I’ll have to buck my ideas up and put out my best performance :sweat_smile:

He’s a much faster runner but I have a better swim so there’s the chance of an engaging battle.

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