Long Course Weekend

Continuing the discussion from Ironman Wales 2022:

Seriously considering LCW next year. Enjoying SBR training and think this might be a better target than an IM. More chance to enjoy the swim and bike without the constant thought of can I still run after this? Chance to bail on the marathon if it all gets too much, and should help my nutrition issues if I can get some proper food between each leg.

And the bike is non-TT, and I’ve provisionally floated the prospect of a new road bike and the world didn’t end.

So, as @mw22 says, pros and cons?


Yeah, I’m toying with LCW, too.
Seems like it’s all pro’s to me?

Friday PM swim though, isn’t it?
I hate swimming in the afternoon.

That’s the only con I can think of :person_shrugging:t3:

I’ve done 3 x LCW and 5 x IM Wales.

The LCW really is a great event, and like the IM the town gets invaded, but gets behind the event. You don;t feel like you are intruding, or unwelcome and it’s a lovely atmosphere throughout the weekend. I’d thoroughly recommend.

Event by event:
Swim - exactly the same course. But they really give it some beans, fireworks etc at the start. It has more of a mass start feel than the IM as they don;t regulate the flow at the start like IM, expect some fisties - and a lot more jellies!

Bike - as you note, no TT bikes (not even clip ons on a roadie) so it’s a massive sportive and hard to ‘race’. Mostly the same course, the iconic bits are the same but some differences, they cut out Narbeth for example. There is a timed KOM up Saundersfoot, big crowds and nice to give it some leather up there to get a time. Nice finish rolling into the centre of town.

Marathon - 100% different course, a single loop out to Pembroke and back. Lots of hills, and the rest is rolling. Hillier in the second half. The half marathon and 10k join you as go so you may get some speedy gits flying past as you die in the second half. It’s a great marathon course - scenic and challenging. As it’s a 1 loop bailing is not as easy as if you had laps! You still have to get back to Tenby.

Other: after the 3rd event, assuming you finish you put on your event T shirt and 3 medals won so far and go to a ceremony to get the 4th medal. This is around 16:30, so worth planning to stay around for this.
It;s early July so it can be hot.

Hope this helps, but in summary: DO IT!!!


My comment on bailing was deciding on Saturday night / Sunday morning that I should only run the half. Is that an option? Obviously couldn’t get the full LCW tattoo after that…

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I know people were changing their distances at Registration so it’s ‘probably’ ok, but I can;t 100% be sure for the Saturday night/Sunday morning. There is pretty much a full time race office where you would go to sort it. If you are doing the half you will also need to book onto a shuttle to take you to Pembroke where the half starts.

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Which one did you prefer?

Agree with this, however I haven’t done it recently.

I’ve done it 3 times, last time was 2018 and TT bikes were allowed in all those years. In fact there was a large TT style start ramp for the top riders.

The swim is, mega atmosphere and hoopla and of course, people are winding down on a Friday, so spirits (and drinking) are high. There is also ‘Taff Kids’ for the little ones, which is a good race but can mean a lot of hanging about for the youngsters.

Bike is really good. The years I’ve done, they most definitely did Narbeth but have always cut the out and back turn around at Pembroke. Good aid stations, which are in different places to the IM but I can remember very little difference in the two courses but perhaps that’s changed now?

Marathon on Sunday is completely different and pretty lumpy once you get past the half way point at Pembroke. It’s a lovely course though.

Overall, LCW is more chilled, less pressure and more family friendly than IMW if you ask me. Don’t take that as it being easy though, it’s essentially a three day stage race and turning that mind set off and on again can be hard, as well as the body complaining.

If you go as a ‘full LCW’ athlete, you get a different coloured bib and the crowd go crazy for that. They dial up the atmosphere on Saundersfoot to ‘11’ with a gantry, fire, DJ and drunk supporters. It’s really ace :grin:

I love LCW. (if you can’t tell!)


As TRO & FP have said LCW is ace & the next best thing to IM Wales, a bit more chilled, a beer after the bike on Saturday isn’t going to destroy your run. Lots hanging around in Tenby & comparing war stories. I don’t think anyone has mentioned the medals, you get 4, one for each event plus one for completing all 3. They fit together as a set, quite a bit of bling.
They make a big fuss at the ceremony, the top 50 are called up one by one by name & it’s a great atmosphere.



Hmm bday weekend for me - thought of training more on roadie than TT for a longer distance appeals.
There’s just something nagging me about the marathon and switching that mind set on and off.
I’ll just go back to lurking for a bit in here :grin:


Marathons are a piece of p!$$ to do poorly :joy::speak_no_evil:
I did outlaw 2019 in 3:22 off next to zero (run)
training :+1:t3:

As for bday weekend? How old are you?!?
I couldn’t give two hoots if it’s my birthday or not.

I didn’t do the marathon in 2015 as my leg didn’t feel right. (foreshadowing my IMW DNF that year!)


45-50 now :grin:

Just easier to book in a “we are going to Wales for my bday” with the wife … which if it were her bday would be a very different conversation :grinning:


With no bike?

Given the number of times you’ve done an, I did XXX time off no training, giving a much better than average time.

Either you’re sandbagging past races
If you actually trained, you’d be a decent runner and your better than average times are just a shite result for you.


@gingerbongo - No bike. Pissed it down. Freezing. Not a great day. I fell over, too. Went out for a sub3 and blew up spectacularly :joy:

“Hey, Poet, at which point, exactly, did you utterly implode?”

Well, sir, I’d say it was at the 22km mark. When it became apparent my utter lack of run fitness reared it ugly head :joy::speak_no_evil:

That first KM split is especially dedicated to @Sowler - as I know he loves my parkrun pacing strategy :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@jgav - No idea. CBA with all that “training” - far more important things to be worried about that clipping seconds off my PBs :joy:


The statement I repeatedly make to the Bubble Maestro in his (admittedly tongue in cheek) n=1 statements that in no way help anyone else. :joy:


I’m not entering LCW, but - apart from £50 - what’s the difference between the VIP LCW & Full LCW?

Photos and a cycling jersey.

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Fancied doing the Belgian LCW but not managed to get the dates to work so far