Magic shoes in training?

My nike vaporfly £200 magic shoes worked but theyve been sitting there doing nothing since february or march. Originally I wanted these for marathon and Ironman race day only, but thats not going to happen.

  • I do go faster and/or more efficient
  • They dont fit great
  • Long runs in them make for injury


  1. Keep in storage until a real race
  2. Treadmill use over winter
  3. Treadmill races only
  4. The New Years Day 5K outdoor
  5. Bin them, fucking heresy anyway!


I’ve had my Next% since June…2019

Run less than 50 miles in them.

They’ll be races for them, so am just saving them


Opposite for me. I think the same was true for @Matthew_Spooner. Coming back from a niggle, I ran solely in some old 4% shoes to reduce the load on my legs. They’re an injury prevention tactic for me. And I’ve said before, Ben Hoffman put his 2019 Kona performance down to training in NEXT%. Not because they made him faster in training, but that he could do more volume with less fatigue / injury risk.

I’m the same as Funkster though with my NEXT%. They’ve done one training run, a pb 10k, and a pb marathon. They’ve now not been used in nearly 12 months, since Malaga last December.

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Yeah, I’ve two pairs of 4% - one for racing and one for training.

I tend to wear them once a fortnight when I’m feeling a bit lazy or want to feel quick.

I’m still waiting for the Next% to go onto the “Nike by You” but again, so I can get the 4% uppers on them

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I used my Alphas today (2nd time out in them) as I had a hill rep session of 10 x 2 mins to do. I did my warm up in them and was surprised at the Strava results. 5.14 for 1 mile and took a crown back by 20s. I didn’t think I was pushing it so I might have to have another bash at the segments.
So I will use the shoes in key sessions and revert back to the Zoom Fly 3s as my everyday shoe.


Okay I think thats two votes for 1. and one vote for 2. Which is kind of key sessions for me.

Poet’s view doesnt count, he probably has a pair just for Waitrose.

I think its just the fit that caused me problems, they are slightly too small and one digs up a bit into my left arch iirc. I am faster sprints and endurance, and with a lower HR so I can believe Ben Hoffmans endorsement.

Im tempted to rotate them into training like I did a few times last year so I was used to their feel when I need to race in them…but they have like only 200 miles in them or something right?

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I absolutely wouldn’t use them on the treadmill, it’s already a bit artificial and you can get extra speed adaptation by running downhill on it, deadening the foam for a treadmill seems entirely pointless. Killing the foam for outdoor race simulation seems more reasonable, but probably only worth it if you actually want to match pace.

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I found my Next caused a hot spot like Poet’s but after continual usage my skin toughened and I can use them sockless now. I suppose it will be starting that process again when I start to bring the shoes out of cold storage for key sessions now I am back running without injury


Magic shoes aren’t the reason you run.

Keep them in storage, and just run for the hell of it :+1:


Started wearing mine for an interval session I do most Tuesday evenings with a friend. He is 50 but bl00dy fast, can run a 1h17 half marathon ie. a lot faster than me.

With the vaporflys on I can rep Kms in around 3m35 while he does about 3m20, and it feels nice.

Without them I just suffer like a dog and get progressively slower


I love my Next%, I’ve used them for 1 x 7km treadmill, 1 x 6km training run and 1 x 10km race. They’ll last about 30 years at this rate :smile:

I know the kool kidz love to hate on HOKA but the Rincon 2s I have are one of the best all rounder I’ve ever run in.

Only had 2 runs in the Peg37s but for £51, I’m gonna say they’re great (even if it turns out they aren’t!)

I found my Hokas just a bit “flat” now after switching over to Nikes

Depends which model but I mainly use Hokas to protect my back. They suit me and I’ve only had one model I really can’t on with. Having said that, I’ve never tried any of the faster Hokas, like the Carbon X etc. I think they’d come up short compared to Nike.

I run all the time in my vaporfly 4%, Definately over 2000km in them and probably close to 2500km

They are holding up pretty well, and dispite the mileage, they are definately kinder on my legs than my Pegasus 37, and they are still quicker. They have undoubtedly lost a bit of speed, which is noticeable when I run in my Next%

I feel that they match the way I run. I love the light weight, I love the upper. They may not be the fastest shoe available any more, but they are certainly my favourite