Maintaining - training advice

Soo I’m going away to warmer climes for a month next week, it is essentially a holiday/travelling. This isn’t meant to be a humble brag, honest! After doing something similar last year and then coming back and going head long into marathon training and getting injured from ramping up volume too quickly…

The main question is I’d really like to at least mostly maintain my running fitness while I’m away. A little decline would be fine. What could I get away with? 5-10k per run, twice a week? I’ve currently been ticking over at about 50km a week for the past month or so with nothing to train for. Thoughts?

Assuming you enjoy running, and will be chilled out with plenty of time on your hands , somewhere warm and sunny?

Why not just run a little for pleasure and to explore, most days? Really relaxed and with plenty of photos to keep your Strava followers informed (aka jealous)