Makeshift race fuel?

I’m racing IMVR20 today as it’s accepted my swim time, so I’ve got about 5hrs bike and run ahead of me, and I’m totally out of high5 gels, energy drink etc. I do have a few salt tablets.

What can I buy in the local shops to get me through?

Coke? Salted crisps? Bananas?

We’re out of all the household basics so I’ve had two cups of coffe and am currently eating the last slice of bread with peanut butter.


What’s the intensity? That will dictate whether you can get away with more ‘proper’ food or stick to sugary crap to just get you through (and deal with the sugar mouth fuzz later).

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Fair point. My intention is not to PB or anything. But still all the blood will be directed away from my stomach and I’m not the kind of triathlete that insists on roast dinner sandwiches or anything - I can eat gels all day and not be hungry.

In that case, i’d pump for crap then. Chunks of soreen and mini scotch eggs in between banana and haribo rotation, with a switch to fizzy haribo towards the end. Something simple like that.

As for salt, i’d be tempted to chuck a bit of table salt in with some squash in the bottles. You’ll get potassium in the nanas,

That’s majorly unscientific, but that would happily keep me ticking over for a good few hours. Yeah maybe some crisps and coke on hand as well as a backup

1 Like tells me 23g carb per banana.

So three bananas, 1 per hour. I’ll se what I can buy that can make up to 80g or so for the bike. I’ve got the salt tablets.

Then it;s the run hmm.

bigger Sainsbury’s stock SIS and such like.

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Okay the best I could find:


Couldn’t find the sorene things.

1 banana, 1 crunchie or 1 nutrigrain, 25g crisps per hour?

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Fat boy coke. No messing

I would have gone for some disgusting high sugar energy drink

Or a double espresso

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1hr in Ive had one crunchie 23g, one nutrigrain 25g, maybe 400ml coke 40g and some water.

Forgot the banana and couldn’t find the salt tablets :joy:

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Coke will do ya.
Just brush your teeth after

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Yeah, the nutrigrain was a bad opener - I wouldn’t recommend it, I feel a bit bloated now.

1 nutrigrain, 3 crunchies, 1 25g salted crisps and most of a 1.5l coke and I’m done.