Merino Baselayer - recommendations

i used to think the same with HH. But i bought a great jacket this winter on SP from them. It’s barely left my torso in the past 6 weeks. That said, it doesn’t scream HH as the logo is the same colour as the jacket :sunglasses:

I adore my Rab Vapour Rise Guide Jacket; I need to get another one off eBay before they become too rare. I think they discontinued the best version about 3 years ago.

I’d stick Rab and Haglofs in the “Rapha” category, more so than Arcteryx

Oh i don’t know. Rab is a lot more mainstream and affordable than it used to be. Arcteryx stuff is nice, but crazy prices. All about Fjallraven now innit! :wink:

Yes, over the years, Rab has become more mainstream; I see loads of people in their duvet jackets now. Haglofs then became the ‘in’ kit for Forces in the UK in the last 10 years or so.

I have a couple of Montura jackets; they are gert lush. Scarpa was the pre-eminent boot band for eons; they have lots of competition now though, mainly from other Italian brands.

They stock that in John Lewis now.

There’s always Pata-gucci, got a few of their jackets, gilets and t-shirts

I’m a big fan of Montane kit which is usually quite reasonably priced

The only Fjallraven item I have is a rabbit fur-lined hat I bought in Norway 19 years ago. No idea where it is now; it’s never been cold enough to wear it here. But there I was back in the day in my gabardine Artic Smock & fur hat lookin’ well ‘Ally’ init. (SFW)

Fjern is the other one i have started to see latel (though i’ve just looked it up and it’s a fake Norse British brand … probably trying to piggy back on the popularity somewhat).

recently been attracted by Stellar Equipment outdoor gear especially for skiing - they do some nice tech kit and prices aren’t bad considering they’re Swedish

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Only problem with my merino kit is the two tops have holes all over them! So they look rather scruffy, but are fully functional.

We had a bloody moth invasion a few years ago when we dug up the old carpets etc. They ate through all my merino kit as well totally destroying a really nice woolen rug that we were gifted when we moved in. Little fuckers!

I think that stuff looks like a Norrona or Jottnar cut & paste job.

frankly a lot of Scandi kit looks the same, just the brand name that varies.

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I’ve got 3 HH.

I swore I’d throw away my oldest after I did my last Tough Guy in it as it was absolutely rank :poop:, but I’ve still got it.

My last Tough Guy was in 1998 :joy:

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The Aldi merino base layers are pretty good when they have them in.

Icebreaker is worth it for the heavy-weight merino ones, but really isn’t when it’s lighter I think.

I wouldn’t wear any of it directly against the skin though, way too irritating.

I think I have one that I wore at my last TG - 2005. always known as Smelly Helly 'cos the old versions do smell rank after a while

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Alpkit have a bit of a sale on atm & their merino tops are 100%

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Good reductions on some of the head torches too. I can recommend the Gamma; I’ve had the original version for years and really like the rear safety light and balance of the batteries on the back and light on the front.

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All sorted for now thanks. The one Stenard posted in another colour, and an Isobaa half zip one in pure Merino.


@stenard - I need to purchase a few bits actually, and since the last time I used SP I have a new email address, new billing address, new payment info etc etc, feels like time for a new account. Want to refer me to earn some credit?

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