Merino Baselayer - recommendations

Any suggestions; looking for something not cycling related, more casual/hiking, maybe even the odd run. Icebreaker is probably a bit expensive as it’s as a birthday gift suggestion!

I have a couple from mountain warehouse. I think they were about £30 each. Long sleeve, do what they say.

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All mine came from Planet X

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I have a couple of these in long sleeve, and a couple of the short sleeve ones as well. They’re reasonable for an extra bit of warmth.

I also have a short sleeve and long sleeve merino jersey of rivelo’s. They’re good for winter commuting, given merino doesn’t end up smelling like normal fabrics

merino. {shudder]. I’ve had a thing since a kid that I won’t wear wool next to my skin - just can’t stand the feel of it, and probably goes back to being made to wear scratchy wool as a kid - one pullover particularly was like barbed wire! I know it’s different with merino wool and it’s soft etc but I just have this mental block on it so won’t wear it. bloody stupid eh??

Mine are Planet X as well.

I’d consider the Ronhill one if looking atm.

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I know you said not cycling but I use my Rapha ones for allsorts, running and general use.

Also got a decent Haglofs as well.


I’m going to sound like Poet but my Rapha merino base layers are 8 years old and are great condition despite heavy wearing each for 3 seasons a year

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Rapha is probably the only (premium) brand I never consider when buying kit.

Is that just because @Poet loves it so much? :joy:

I have a couple of dhb/Wiggle merino tops and they are fine, although I’m too tight to buy any of the premium brands so haven’t anything posh to compare to

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I just bought an couple of Odlo Merino wool base layers (one heavy, one light), used the heavy one a couple of times on the bike and it is excellent.

There is an Odlo outlet store, so price was very reasonable

I actually have a load of ‘issue’ thermal tops; they are excellent. But look very, well… military. They are technical vented outer face, backed with very fine microfleece.

I need something that will blend-in, when sipping my ethically traded & sourced 20sec pour espresso, whilst flicking through a copy of Rouleur in a smart part of town :sweat_smile:

Like the look of the Rivelo that @stenard posted. I do use Sportpursuit occasionally, but when I searched ‘merino’ last night, it came up with about 3500 hits, and I sighed!

i got my short and long sleeved merino tops from sportspursuit as well. Get them in the spring and there’s loads of deals on.

My long sleeved one is Janus (a very old Norwegian brand apparently). Can’t remember the other one, but it was some obscure Norwegian brand if i recall.

Edit: the second one was Ulvang (just looked up my sportspursuits orders. Bought in 2014 and still going strong).

As a bit of extra background, Rivelo are actually sportpursuit’s own brand, so they are in full control of the development. Surprisingly, they have a whole in house department working on own brand products. Rule XIV is their more “premium” in house brand.

I didn’t used to know this, but as a Rivelo purchaser, I got invited to a consumer feedback day. They’re just up the road in Oval. I got to see the development process they go through, and back then, some of the new products in the pipeline. They’re being pretty innovative in all honesty. The honnister bibs I have are amazing (I bought these with the £50 voucher I got for attending the day, and after the rave reviews about them by other people there).

In short, I’d say the upside of Rivelo is that SP manage the end to end process. It’s not like the rest of their offerings which are TK Maxx style pot luck on sizing, and end of line items that can occasionally be questionable in quality.

I have the following merino rivelo stuff:
(the base layer I linked to already, in blue and grey)
One of these
This, which I’ve been commuting in all week and still smells fresh
This, which I generally use spring/autumn

DO NOT TALK TO ME ABOUT RAPHA BASE LAYERS :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

After waiting 10 days for my winter package to arrive, they had omitted the base layers…

…quick call to the clubhouse in MCR, “Yeah, we have two in stock.”

Great, stick them away and I’ll come and pick them up in an hour.

Arrive…“Erm, yeah, the system said we have them, but we don’t”


Also, Helly Hansen Lifa all the way.
I don’t get on with merino at all.

I’ve got 2 Helly Hansen base layers. One’s got a hole in it from a dog jumping up me whilst out running. I’m pretty sure that happened not long after moving house and before my son was born; he’s 18 now! #frugal


Rivelo - That’s a merino blend @stenard - that’s cheating!!

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I’d not actually spotted that before!

You’re dead-meat after school!

You know, I’ve never owned a HH Lifa top, and almost no HH kit at all over the years. I think I lumped them in the same category as Ron Hill; solid functional kit, but not ‘desirable’ :roll_eyes:

I’ve also never owned any Arc’teryx outdoor kit; I think subliminally I put them in the Rapha category :laughing: there is so much awesome alpine kit from Euro brands tbh.