Microsoft Office 365

We have been using Microsoft Office Business 2010 for years (since 2010 I guess!) and are wondering if we should migrate to Microsoft Office 365 on a subscription model.

We’re in 2 minds whether it’s worth it as the 2010 version seems to give us everything we need - I guess the only downsides with the 2010 PC based versions are there is no synch with anything done on iOS or Android tablets; and the absolute faff and pain of installing it if we get a new PC/laptop.


Wait until you get a new PC before you switch? Depends how important syncing across multiple platforms is to you, but if the current install works OK, then I would just leave it.

kind of what we’re thinking. syncing isn’t so key but the fact you can access anything done in 365 through iOS or Android and amend if needed that helps.

we really only use Word, Excel and Powerpoint - Outlook has one use and that’s for something Mrs FB does on behalf of a charidee.

no plans to replace the PC and laptop yet - perfectly adequate at the mo.

I use it but get some discount. If you’ve got a lot of photos you want to keep in OneDrive it’s useful.

Increasingly you’ll find 2020 can’t connect to services.

yeh - seen that there’s been a number of issues recently.

I pay for it, I think it is only about £80 p.a. I have it on several devices and get the onedrive storage. I use Excel to store my training logs. My daughter is at secondary school and uses it for homework, which makes it worthwhile for me.

it’s not so much the cost but whether it’s worth paying for - beyond cloud storage and the ability to use it across platforms is it worth dicthing Office 2010 for it (which costs nothing)

We got it at work but only because we were forced onto win 10. Use teams as well. I’ve got it at home also its useful on phone when coaching as I have plans on there but it is worth considering open source solutions like open office also. They are generally excellent and free!