Mid weight gloves

After recommendations for mid weight gloves - circa 5 degrees.
Got bulky winter ones for when its down to freezing… and happy in my cheap planet x Carnac ultimate (which claims its a mid weight but I’m a bit nesh so prob use them when its 5-10c ish)

I have some spec deflect - which feel the right weight, but with no insulation I don’t really like then.

So bit of fleece lining, bit of windproofing, 2-5c temp range.


Tried to navigate the Castelli Perfetto RoS range, they seem to have different “weights”. But gave up and ended up here:

Waterproof, windproof and not at all bulky. The phone finger is a bit sketchy if that is important to you, otherwise :ok_hand:


I got a pair of Stolen Goat Climb & Conquer at Christmas & they’ve been great.

Galibier have recently released some Mistral gloves which I would also look at.


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Anyone have any climb and conquer gloves - possibly from stolengoat??

Commute only - dont care for phone usage.


My only caveat would be they don’t seem to be offering discounts at the moment. I have lots of their kit, but don’t think I have ever paid full price for any of it!

I’m sure there must be a 10% discount code somewhere.

Edit: sub10 works - pays for shipping at least.

Jesus h Christ, you precious little flower.
Buy a pair of gloves (A)
Buy a pair of thinner gloves (B)
Buy a pair of running gloves (C)


Sorted :white_check_mark:

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You forgot about

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I’m way past C…
I think I had 4 pairs in my bag today alone. Then I’ve got liners to double those.
I just like to be comfy :grimacing:


I’ve recently bought a pair of the Galibier mistral gloves and they’ve been used down to zero, although my fingertips were chilly on that ride.

Should be ideal for 5-10 degrees.

The only problem is changing screens on the Garmin is poor

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Yeah they did look perfect and I’d rather not have black.
Dont change screen on commute - too busy trying not to be squashed to look at that much.

ABC :exploding_head:
Are you Richard Weber? :polar_bear:

C - far too slippy. I’d rather go no gloves than that danger mouse nonsense :joy:

@mw22 - your commute is like what, 40 minutes? No time for discomfort on those rides. Do you wear gloves in summer???
(If you’ve got Reynaud’s, then sorry :face_with_peeking_eye::sob:)

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No I’ve got Reynolds wheels :drum: :drum: :drum:

I do seem to really suffer in one hand - get a claw like hand in swimming when it gets down to 15ish.

45 cause I’m slow; we’ve covered this :wink:

I hate being cold… Don’t have to worry about that in zwiftopia :hot_face:


They have black palms and coloured uppers.
From recollection hi-vis yellow, orange and the red in the link picture above.

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Think I might buy a pair of Stolen Goat Climb & Conquer, feeling left out.



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I haven’t found a winter glove I like, the lining glove Poet suggests works well.

I focus on the arms to keep the hands warm and use a windproof glove. Not much point in fleecing gloves if your blood turns to ice at the elbow…

I suffer from Reynauds even on Zwift if the fan is blowing on my hands. For out doors I have found if I pair Sealskinz Acle Water Repellent Nano Fleece Glove and the Le Col Pro Lightweight Gloves which are long then I have a really good but tactile combo.
The sealskinz are a life saver for running as well as they are water repellent so great for keeping the wind out and toasty too. I can run in sub zero temps in shorts and vest as long as I have my sealskinz acle gloves.


Got my best gloves on today :+1:t3: