Midnight man!

Done this at the weekend, with hindsight I really enjoyed it, great event, well marshalled and organised with a great club vibe. Would only do it once but would strongly recommend it if you wanna do something a wee bit different!!


I’ve been looking at that for next year. Looks good.

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Ive done it 3 times, each experience vastly different, 1st year in 2012 was humid and 20 odd celcius at midnight, 2013 pissed down nonstop, I DNF 70miles into bike after another tub went pop!. Less than 50% finished that day, roads were flooded, and the council forgot to sweep them so it was carnage with people getting multiple p*nct&re$ . Simon from my club got 5 IIRC! 2015 was my last and that was more average and it got pretty cold on sun down I had 3 layers on! Id say do it, fantastic event and John is a legend! nothing is too much trouble for him. It has changed as popularity has grown. First year was mainly enduroman types and was a right giggle. Just a good fun night out but with the london half champs being there now it is more “serious” . I even got a telling off by a motorbike marshal in 2015 for having a chat with another athlete at about midnight FFS.