Most obscure sports movies ever

Looking up Ronny Cox actor after starting Robocop Doc

… might be the most obscure running movie I’ve come across yet - what a premise

Some amazing Vaseline product placement in the opening shots :laughing:

What else is out there … that no one’s heard of


sports don’t usually translate well to movies…

even Nyad was a little awkward…although a fantastic story…

Draft Day surprised me…a little cheesy, but just about watchable and Moneyball was pretty good…but I guess i am slow to these…

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This is pretty good… the tagline should be … ‘just when you thought it was safe to go jogging’

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They’re all fairly well known …

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yes, i guessed so…new to me…

One of my mates was one of the rowers in Sliding Doors.

He featured in the boat race scenes and then he was front and centre singing Father Abraham in the pub with Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah.

Both scenes didn’t take much acting ability for him to make them look natural :roll_eyes::rofl:


… late pal of mine was in Chocolat playing the drum sticks (…on something) with Johnny Depp and band - the gypsy party scene lol

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Now… that’s hardly a sports movie!

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Seen ‘the other shore’? Documentary about Diana Nyad

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Moneyball is a great film. I have also have a soft spot for any given Sunday, mainly the ‘inches’ speech.

I thought Invictus looked like what Hollywood thinks rugby is. But somehow even worse.

The ‘last breath’ and ‘the deepest breath’ are two diving documentaries (yes, not films!) that are good. Both on Netflix.


read eJC’s post again



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Invictus encapsulates the pain and misery I feel whenever anyone talks about rugby


About a year ago I watched an obscure film about a Swedish endurance skating race in the 60’s. (I think it was Sweden), looked pretty brutal and was based on some facts I think.

For Aussies, it’s hard to go past this gem :rofl:


no doubt for you, but for us cognesati of the game and ex-players of many years, the only pain is from the game itself and the misery is losing.

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I haven’t seen The Jericho Mile - I think that’s a Michael Mann made for TV film

Prefontaine ( Jared Leto ) - breezy biopic. Best thing is coach Bowerman played by the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket…

… the Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner. Tom Courtney etc…

There you go - digging a little deeper

“Of Miracles and Men”, is the “miracles on ice” story but from the Soviet perspective and certainly no Hollywood shit, instead of true underdog story its “unbeatable champions that get beat”, both great films though.

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What’s that one about the divers … the deepest breath

What’s the cycling one they made us watch at school for English? Had the town divided into stonecutters and something else. Some American boy obsessed with Italian cycling and shaving his legs. Some kind of local American 500 race. Stupid place name like Tallahassee.

Oh, and the animation about the TdF where they kidnap cyclists and force them to train indoors until they collapse.

Is that enough detail? :sweat_smile:


Is the second one that French thingy got a copy free with a Sunday paper … Bellevue something

No idea about the other …

American Flyers lol prob not

Battlefield Mountain is a good watch - Graeme Obree and all his unconventional DIY off the wallness… The scene where he measures his shoulder width by sticking himself between a wall and a bookshelf and measuring the distance. Often think about that when I’m getting too cautious measuring some cardboard lol

How about that Liam neeson bare knuckle boxing film - the big man… also Rust and Bone which is a brilliant film