MP3 for Running

My trusty iPod Shuffle has finally bitten the dust and I’m looking for an alternative as similar as possible given they were discontinued a few years back.
I’ve seen you can get waterproofed versions of it for swimming but they’re a bit pricey for my tastes and I don’t want to swim with it anyway.
I don’t need a screen and like the fact I could just clip it to my shirt and forget about it.
Anyone using anything similar?

I used to love my little shuffle (the square one).
Just use my phone, wireless Beats and a waist strap that I forget about (1 pocket for phone, 1 for gels if needed and a tiny one for keys).

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Yeah, that’s the one.
I don’t carry my phone and often don’t have pockets or waist pack so it was perfect for me. The nearest I’ve found is a SanDisk Clip Sport Plus for about £35 but that does have a screen that i don’t really need.

This was supposed to be the replacement for such devices;

Tho I went and got a garmin with music on… its the ultimate “forget about it” as your already using/carrying it


In line with my Luddite reputation on most issues, I don’t have any kind of music subscription. I have all the songs on my laptop, which I copied from CDs as I like to own something physical.
I would use a gramophone with a big trumpet given half a chance but the needle keeps jumping!


haha fair enough. I’m the complete opposite with so little knowledge of music and never really brought any. So for someone else to come up with playlists for me and that they update to give me a constantly changing background noise for stuff I will probably like is genius.

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Yes I have a couple of shuffles and really love them. Both of these I bought off e-bay, not for silly prices and I am guessing that this is still an option. I won’t carry a phone or anything heavy whilst running so in the short term the shuffle still works for me (I also have my music stored on a desktop/cloud)

However going forward when my trusty Garmin 920XT gives up the ghost I will replace with a watch onto which music can be stored. My wife has the Fenix 6 and a pair of wireless headphones and this works really well; though it is an expensive option.

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is it not worth getting a £20 waist pack then?

I just prefer shorts & t-shirt, no bags, straps, belts etc. I do have a belt with a drinks holder that I use for longer runs and that has a couple of pockets too.
Funnily enough I had a poke around down the headphone socket early and a bit of fluff/crap came out and it seems to be fine now so it looks like it lives to fight another day. :grinning:


Plenty of shuffles on eBay.

The waterproof ones always fail after 12-24 months and now because of the fact their discontinued the prices has skyrocketed.

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I can imagine its tricky on the downhills.

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I love the the apple shuffle, when I did first my 100 miler I realised I needed 2, so bought a second. I lost one before another 100, so bought a 3rd. Years later I found the lost one so I have 3…

However, 18 months ago, I bought two MIghty’s (only 5 hours max battery life and I do occassionally run longer). But the wife lost it, but lets move on…

Anyhow, Compared to the shuffle, I find the Mighty really clunky, the quality of the music, esp the bass is nowhere near. Takes an age to turn on. And then the requirement to refresh once a month is annoying, esp if you have start running whilst it boots up like a 48k spectrum game.

Sorry I have hijacked with a rant! Anyways, if you can find another on ebay, they are awesome. I am just too consumed by Spotify now to use the shuffles… If you could get to NZ I would likely just give you one!

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MP3, is this the mid 00s? :sweat_smile:

You should be streaming your music from a satellite these days.

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