Despite being a fair weather rider I have taken the decision to get out and ride this winter, generally my bike is on the turbo for 5 months of the year.

Bought my wither clothing. but what I am now missing is mudguards - might as well make it as comfortable as I can.

And real world recommendations for a set that fit bikes with no eyelets? There seem to be a few options on the market.

As I have just said no to her having a treadmill in the house I think buying another bike for winter might not be well received.

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Those SKS ones that attach under rim brakes and clip on and off.

If you have disc brakes and 30mm plus tyres, I’m all out.

Crud Racers aren’t great.
Race blades are okay.

SKS raceblades have worked well for me for many years, once set up easy on and off

Horrible rattley things, the water out of the sky is just as bad as that from the road, buy clothes, not ineffective rattles that you spend time adjusting in the hope…


Buy a grown up bike ? :smiley:

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I use SKS Raceblade Pro XL on my disc braked crosser with 30mm tyres throughout winter, nae problems. No eyelets on it.

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Well, there we go!
How do they attach, then?
I always thought the clip on/off things went under your rim brakes?

Seat stays & forks.


Oh :see_no_evil::rofl:

Raceblades incoming, thanks chaps.

In a move that will alienate me from the Rapha and Velominati crowd, I may also switch to to mountain bike pedals; I have some rarely used, toasty warm Mount bike boots I could put to use.


I’ve got the same pair that @Doonhamer has linked to. Been perfect for me.

I don’t know why hadn’t fitted them sooner. Should have bought a pair years ago

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SKS Race blades and there’s one other main player I forget. Both work, but both are a bit of a hassle to set up and maintain - but they do work.

Keep your ears open for tyre rub, particularly through pothole areas and winter worn roads.

I commuted long distance through a couple of hard winters using them, but now have a winter bike with proper mudguards.

I could not for the life of me get the SKS to mount up on the bike, so I returned them in favour of Crud Roadracers which needed a little encouragement with a heat gun, but went on in the end.

First commute this morning, made the world of difference to the comfort level.

Some rattles though so I will look to tune the setup.

Annoyingly I sold my semi winter bike to my BIL so he could ride with me this year. (Never happened.) but now he wont part with it.


What, you don’t miss the “wake up” spray of road water in your mouth in the morning or the “I’ve arrived” poo like smear up the back? :sweat_smile:


Two things really.

  1. My shoes were not full of water.

  2. My jacket is clean, so I wont feel like a pikey walking into the office.

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Just bought some mudguards. Have the clip on raceblades but my new bike has actual eyelets and for some reason I really like the look of a bike with sleek fitting mudguards. As opposed to the old style rubber flappy bits with the clip ons I own. Anyway, it’s aesthetics, right. And those unused eyelets must add drag, so why not use them? :wink:

I realise this will mean I will have to reacquaint myself with my dremel to achieve a tight fit. We are NOT best buds. Anyway, next week I’m off and it’s raining all week so that’s probably my Friday evening project. :grinning:

And then I will have no excuse not to get out, regardless of the weather. Except for hangovers, general lethargy, having demanding kids, not having the latest castelli jacket, football being on TV, it being too busy outside and the state of the economy getting me down…:joy: