MX Endurance Ambassadors

Last month, I applied to be an MX Endurance Ambassador. I received a mail to say that I was successful. However, is this just a clever bit of marketing?

Does being an ambassador just mean having a load of MX Endurance Trisuits visible at races?

It’s not free, you have to buy the MX Endurance Trisuit. In return you get access to training plans, advice and the usual load of discounts.

If there is support to help develp grass routes triathlons, then I am all for it, however, if it is purely marketing, it doesn’t feel terribly compelling.

Does anyone have experiene of MX Endurance or have a view on what they are aiming to achieve?

It sounds a bit like the old TriUK team, where I believed at the most basic level you paid for your kit, but depending on how much press coverage you got they refunded you and the most active people got bikes and stuff.

That was before the days of social media and influencers, so it was all about the local papers back then :smiley:

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I see Team Koach kits at a lot of European events, so I guess it is a similar model.

Personally I think that Macca wants to develop triathlon, and for it to be much more than just an Ironman story. Clearly he is doing this for his own career as well, and I have no issue with that. I feel that he has a stronger vision than the PTO, and is probably pretty smart.

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What is MX Endurance asking in return from team members?


The gram


(i guess)

Let the man speak :sweat_smile:

They want disruptive influencers like Matt to promote the MX Endurance mission to their followers :rofl:

I read the Ambassador page, but it’s not clear how much access you get to those services, and what a ‘credit’ is worth. No mention of any monthly fee which @Matthew_Spooner mentions.

There is no monthly fee, only a requirement to buy a trisuit. I have contacted a guy on ST who has been a member of the team for a couple of years to understand what is required, what benefits are etc

Looking at the FB page, they selected 130 out of more than 500 applicants.

@Whisk I’m an opinonated, grumpy middle aged triathlete, is that the same as disruptive influencer?


It depends on how many “Likes” you get for your content :rofl:

I’ve never been a big fan of this whole “Ambassador” piece but I’m quite happy to admit that probably says as much about my cynical nature and failure to move with the times as it does anyone else.
I have a couple of friends (one in particular) who will sign up for everything and just pimps herself all over the internet for some half price gels. I’d rather pay full price, but each to their own.
Ps. There was a piece on ST a few years ago by the legend (in his own lunchtime) Pubes about “Profamateurs”, it was one of his better moments. I’ll have to try and find it.


Yep, like you, unless it’s a paid job to punt stuff…I’d rather just buy my own thanks. Again perhaps a tad cynical, but most of these schemes are just to get some cheap PR, and trade off the vanity of people who like a bit of SM action!

Good luck @Matthew_Spooner. But remember, if you try to “Rep the X” on here, expect some jip :joy: :rofl:

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The MX Endurance folk are doing a good job here, already 15 posts I’ve read about them, well done influencers!

Mind you, I still don’t have an f’ing clue what they are or what sort of maintenance they do.

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I first read the thread as thought it was something to do with Motocross

I really have no interests in discounts for stuff like Gels, I would also prefer to choose my own kit. Someone wants to give me a bike, that would be great… but its not going to happen

However, if someone like MX Endurance is prepared to put weight and a brand behind organising local triathlons, and support to bring new people into the sport, then it sounds like a good idea


You forgot the Barbie Toes. :laughing:

Smells like Multi Level Marketing in disguise

“ At MX Endurance, we are looking for a strong team of motivated individuals to help support and grow our endurance sports network.”

Watch “The Vow” then decide :wink: