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My weight stays fairly steady, especially since all the operations have stopped. I’m nearly always between 78 and 82kgs. However, this year I’m 7kgs heavier tha I was last year and currently rocking 87kgs!

I’m not sure how, a combo of house purchase, lack of bike focus and too many LSD run sessions, or more likely, a massive lack of discipline for some reason.

I’d like to arrest it. I have used MFP before, once years ago but it’s now been taken over by UA and some of the data privacy terms don’t float my boat.

Looking for experiences of any alternative trackers, like Fat Secret. Anybody use them?

Will help you track micronutrients at a level that mfp doesn’t do as an added bonus


I used MFP for a few months a while back. It helped me identify where the empty calories were coming from and what to cut (drinks and cakes mostly). I haven’t bothered with it since, tracking everything is a real faff, I’m sure that alone is enough to stop you eating stuff! But I know where to start looking if I want to drop some weight, and I try to load up on fruit and veg when I’m hungering for a big meal.

No cake or alcohol? What kind of an existence is that.

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I’m a virtually no alcohol guy but no cake is a world I don’t want to live in!

Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I said I know where to cut if I need/want, I didn’t say I do :wink:

Drink doesn’t actually refer to alcohol, I drink very little of that anyway. What I cut was sugary drinks and posh frappy crappa coffees. As I rarely do a training session longer than 1 hour, I only use water, I was over-fuelling when using energy drinks.

Yes, I’d spotted you were a bit light on volume :upside_down_face:

tracking calories is pointless. You cant do it accurately at all. Take two identical size pieces of fruit for instance, the apple may say 50kcals but depending on where and how it was grown, how much sun it got, and how old it is by the time you get it it could be 20%+ different. same with packaged food, it all guidelines that can be massively out.

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I wasn’t asking for your opinion on trackers, I was asking for an alternative to MFP. Not sure how you missed that?

Pen and paper. I’m convinced it is the act of recording that makes you accountable, not the accuracy of the data.


I used ‘CarbManager’ for a while. It’s not really what the title says - it’s not for the new wave of Keto chasing crossfit types, it is actually quite similar to MFP. The main downside was in-app purchases but I found for the short period of just general tracking it worked quite well.

Eat less, exercise more and forget the software and spending hours looking at it on the screen ?


Someone else who can’t effin read.

Someone else who tries to overcomplicate things and eats for comfort when the inner snowflake starts to cry …

Have you got/considered smart scales with tracking app?

I just bought some kamtron body fat scales on Amazon for £26.99

The scales connect with phone via Bluetooth and you download a free app called feelfit from Google play store.

Then you can track body weight, BMI, %water , %fat, lean mass and also some other stuff.

Apparently bioimpedance scales are pretty accurate these days. Recommended in “Racing Weight” by Matt Fitzgerald which btw is a good read


Didn’t miss anything, was just giving my opinion based on my nutrition coaching qualification. Never mind. I hope you have many happy hours tracking calories. Be lucky

Do you do children’s parties?


+1 :grinning:

Seriously though - You can mitigate privacy concerns by registering MFP with false data, but I can’t recommend another tracker. All businesses with such solutions are making money from your data. Some of them anonymise it.

Are these things actually accurate?

PCP, Matt Fitzgerald recommended as accurate enough in his book racing weight. Although he does point out that changes may be more useful to monitor than actual values. The scales I bought claim +/- 1%. Its N=1, but they agree with my caliper measurements.

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