Nathan Ford

Just spotted this on Twitter. Looks like Nathan Ford( Nathan Ford Triathlon Coaching – Triathlon Coaching Wales) has had life changing injuries in an accident during the Middle Distance Champs at the weekend. I don’t know him personally, but now of his performances being someone that’s consistently at the top of the game. Fingers crossed they can get him closer to home and he gets the rehab he needs

Fundraiser by Catrin Ford : Nathan Ford Rehabilitation (

Hi, some of you may have heard by now that Nathan has been involved in an accident whilst competing in a British Championship Triathlon in Aberfeldy, Scotland.
As a result of this accident Nathan is currently in Intensive Care in Scotland and has a long road ahead of him. Nathan was diagnosed with two life threatening conditions, a brain injury and a spinal injury.
It appears that his brain injury isn’t as severe as initially thought but his spinal injury is worse than we could have ever imagined. Currently Nathan is not able to breathe independently and is unable to move.


Fingers crossed for him.


Bloddy hell….!

Best wishes to all concerned.

I’ll never take my health for granted after this year


Terrible news, all the best for his recovery. I listened to a Four Thought show recently Four Thought - 200 Days - BBC Sounds - he had an accident on the way to work leaving him paralysed from the neck down, he has since been able to walk again.

When I read similar stories, it makes me reflect whether the sport is worth the risk. I had a chunky accident a few years back and I’m thankful I’m still around! Stay safe on the roads people!


just seen it…that’s pretty grim…

That’s horrendous.

Dreadful. Cycling is a dangerous game. Stay safe.

that’s awful news.

That’s terrible

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Recent events have done nothing to encourage me back out on the bike (and off Zwift). The law of averages says practically all of us will be fine, but there’s always that chance.


I saw something posted on British Triathlon and wondered what happened.

Still not entirely sure of the incident, but fingers crossed he makes some sort of recovery.

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A few of my friends mention my Zwifting and I do prefer to ride outside but that’s becoming an increased concern these days.

Just this afternoon some nob in a van decided to cut across me and onto their drive.

Luckily their window was open I think they probably heard my comments!


That’s terrible news. Hoping he makes a good recovery, but that mail above makes it sound like the outlook is not good

I’m less and less interested in riding on the road these days. Don’t mind a regular loop with the club but I never ride by myself now and and more interested in XC on the MTB.


@FatPom, how is your Aussie friend that collided with the parked vehicle?

The last I heard he’d had a bit of a setback with an infection but was definitely heading in the right direction but that was a while ago. Since then, Transitions has shut down and I don’t think it will be coming back due to some very complicated matters.


Poor bloke, I hope he makes some sort of recovery.

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Cheers mate. There is a basic shell of Transitions happening on another forum but the traffic is tiny with just 3 or 4 posters really but I’ll see if I can check.

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This was the last post on the shell site.

Jul 21, 2021 at 7:59am flanman said:

Spoke with Foz on Monday night.

Just after I visited him in June, there was a Covid scare - so 14 days lockdown occured. Then, Sydney lockdown. Whilst he has spoken to the family each night, he hasn’t seen them for over 5 weeks. A tough gig.

He is still doing physio, but is just hand weights. He is getting pretty bored with that. I expect the doctors will have to give him better exercises otherwise it will be a bit of Boxersize for them. Meeting today to "discuss


Oh that’s just horrendous. Set off in the morning excited and nervous to race, and in the blink of an eye everything changes.

Wishing him the best possible recovery.