National Open Water Swimming Centre - Brighton

After much discussion, this has been granted PP by Brighton & Hove Council today

so - a new outdoor 50m heated pool coming to the South Coast


So the National Open Water Swimming Centre is a pool?

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They’re even heating it FFS :rofl:

you’ve got the sea next door - what more do you want?? 50m sauna pool and then a quick dip in the freezing Channel - just like Finland - or not


I think the idea is that the national open water swiming centre has a pool to enable you to get comfortable in the water before progressing to open water swimming, there’s logic there.

The national cycling centre has a track and bmx course, but it doesn’t mean those are the only sorts of cycling.

I’m being very generous with my “think” in the first paragraph.

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Perfect location for getting in a swim before the Brighton 10k or marathon! :smiley:

Was it so hard to find a photo from those events that they had to come up with this awful composite?


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that looks like the sort of montage that Coldwar Steve would put together!

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