Neurodiversity and inclusion


  1. Everyone is different
  2. Being different is not being wrong
  3. How to stop excluding people you think are wrong




Your all gay

  1. Not according to the left.
  2. it is according to the left.
  3. don’t be on the left.


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  1. Wrong according to the right - surely everyone has the same skills, knowledge and abilities to grasp opportunity/survival of the fittest politics?
  2. Ask the right how disabled people have been treated in the past 10 or so years?
  3. See what the right think about people who protest for our children and grandchildren’s future?

I’ll have a pop. But going to pretend the thread is just titled “inclusion”, not neurodiversity and inclusion, tall stature and inclusion, ginger hair and inclusion, or anything else like that.

  1. fingerprints. QED
  2. Perhaps the diagram would be a big circle, labelled “people who differ from each other”, which everybody is inside (ref point 1). Fully contained within this big circle, would be a small circle labelled “people who are wrong”. Only some people are inside this circle. For example, those who use tubs; those who set their treadmill incline to 0%; those who think double Bologna is a fun way to pass an idle 40 minutes. So, most people are different and not wrong, but some people are different and wrong.
  3. How to stop excluding people who you think are wrong? Well, I’d suggest there are three steps. Step one: identify people you think are wrong. The list in point 2 is not exhaustive, but it’s a pretty good start if I may say so. Step two: start excluding them. For example, the forum software has a block feature. Apparently there’s even a thread about cricket for example (inner circle for sure). Step three: stop.

The Conservatives have been in Government for most of the last 45 years :man_shrugging:


That’s a very left thinking position - if only everyone was given the same opportunity, they would all be able to do the same.

That’s certainly a right position, if only everyone would get off their backsides and get to work.

i am not sure why i would ask the right that, but i certainly see great room for improvement who ever has been in power

Ah, the kids. Certainly there may be a difference between the way left and right put the kids to the fore in presenting their politics.


Pick your date…

The tories have just retaken the lead in my life time…it was mostly labour until i was in my 20s, then of course it swayed heavily tory, before marginally labour again.


I think it depends on who’s being blamed for what :slightly_smiling_face: But the Thatcher years certainly sowed the seed for a lot of what’s wrong atm as far as infrastructure (utilities), housing stock, transport etc. The current Govt are having a laugh blaming Lab for a lot of what’s gone tits-up in the last few years; I refer particularly to things like (im)migration.

Labour tend to do a nice line in phoney wars mind.


As well as opening up the financial world for much of the progress we all benefit from (although that’s probably more to do with those steering Reagan*)

*Ronnie, not Jack…


This thread has taken a Godwin’s Law type diversion far quicker than I expected :joy::joy::joy:


Such a skill you have to turn any thread into something about “the left”…

I was going to comment, as this could have been an interesting thread (unless @joex was fishing for this response), but degenerated into political strife already.

Where’s the Tap Out button.


This is a current and vitally important political question. Feel free to ignore…

Ironically, it proved the point…

I don’t fish.

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I had no idea what the response would be, but I thought it would be on topic I will admit.

The fact that some people are drawn to respond in those terms is of course welcome although I’ll need help in finding how it is constructive.

Inclusion/exclusion is a big part of identity politics. Identity politics is currently being played out by the left (although not exclusively, granted). There are many big flaws in identity politics. One of those big flaws is in neurodiversity.



FTFY properly