New bike/ Newbie tyre question

Hey guys i have done a few races on my old low end triban bike. Been looking to upgrade this year into the 1k region. With no plans to go longer than olympic anytime soon ,and the fact i like the just ride for fun i decided on a road bike over a tri bike.

Been looking at the Giant contend and really like the look of the SL 2 disc, my question is about the tyres.

You can get an AR 2 disc, almost exactly the same only one has 32c tubeless tyres and one has 28c tubed.

Just wondering how much difference they will really make, as usual i get lots of different and conflicting answers on the google.


i would defy virtually anyone to tell the difference blindfolded. The trend is towards bigger tyres, so that might help you choose, but 28mm is a decent size already. In reality, tubeless vs tubed can become a bit of a religious debate… both are great. Tubeless, in theory won’t suffer from punctures as much, but on the flip side, can be a pain to pump up, and a nightmare to get on the wheel rims. You’d be absolutely fine with either… I’d pick the bike that you like the colours of the most!

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Thanks for reply. They both come in the same jazzy blue i wanted :slightly_smiling_face:
never had a puncture since i started riding again on the triban from training/commute/race, maybe lucky but still good points to consider.

Im leaning toward 32mm if larger is arguably more comfortable with minimal speed loss, though i imagine there would be many more factors than i need to worry about as a filthy casual! :stuck_out_tongue:

Get the one that you like the look of most, because the tyres are close enough not to be a major differentiator. I have a super bike with 26mm tyres, and a gravel bike that cost less than a quarter of the price on 47.99mm tyres (okay, 48mm, but they are marketed very specifically as 47.99). I love both bikes. I have massive fun riding both bikes. My face has a cheesy grin on it whenever I am out, regardless.

Either bike will be awesome.

Edit: wow the SL2 is GORGEOUS!!!

Personally, I would go with 28mm tubed (on either bike). Doubly so if you’re new to all this! But tyres are easy to swap-out.

I’d agree with Jorgan. Tubed are easier to start with than the faff of reminding yourself to refill tyre sealant every 3 months yadda yadda yadda.

I run tubeless but only because I do “races” in very hilly, remote places where the roads are crap. Punctures would be a pain (or even dangerous on the descents) and the tubeless setup nearly negates it. To me tubeless is still a very special case requirement, inner tubes are just far easier and cheaper to deal with.

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