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So last weekend I had a big bike crash and ended up in hospital - and worse than that I smashed my Garmin920XT. To make myself feel better I want to get a new watch. But should I get a FR945 or a Fenix 6 Pro - or something else??


Im also interested in this, Im still using a 910XT but its on its last legs…any advice on what is a decent replacement?

Also interested, hoping for good prices on FR945 or 935 on black Friday.

Not sure how the 945 could improve on 935 as 935 is pretty good watch… maybe a better built in HRM?

I’ve had the 935 for 2 1/2 years and it has been almost faultless, the built in HRM is OK but sometimes gives odd readings for a couple of minutes. For Triathlons I really love the extended display function, where my bike computer displays what is on my watch.

Battery lasts around a week between charges, that’s including 12+ hours training

So with the 935, is there no need to wear a HRM chest strap?

Fenix 6 has more ‘features’ than 945. Whether you need those ‘features’ is a different matter…the one however, that might be most of interest is HR on the watch while in swim mode…

battery life is a tie… the 945 is theoretically longer, but the Fenix 6 has a funky battery saver mode, where you can turn off features to extend battery life…

Overall, personally, I’d suggest that unless you want one of the Fenix 6 features that aren’t on the 945, that it comes down to form factor and price preference.

As ever, the gold standard for reviews and comparisons of Garmin watches is DC Rainmaker at

You can, but some find wrist HR unreliable when exercising, a strap is more dependable.

As for 935 v. 945, there are a few hardware differences - 945 has music and Garmin Pay, but the big thing is Garmin have stopped adding new features to the 935. So the swim HR firmware upgrade will not come to the 935, nor will some of the new training metrics. Not because it isn’t capable, but because Garmin want to differentiate the newer, more expensive watch.

Superb. Someone comes on and says they had a massive crash and are in hospital and all people talk about are their need for a new watch and their own experience!

Hope you are ok CD. How is the bike?

Good point. @ComplicatedDisaster, hope you are not too badly damaged and get well soon. When I had a big crash 2 1/2 years ago, my first concern was how long before I could I train again, second concern was how the bike was. Wife bought me Garmin 935 after crash, and it helped me to feel better.

It was a bit scary getting back on the bike again afterwards

Hope you make a swift recovery. I went from a 910 to a 945 and it’s been a brilliant upgrade.

  • Wrist HR that works even in the pool
  • No more faffing with ANT stick to upload data
  • Nice to have a watch and activity tracker in one device
  • Decent battery life
  • Good stats when running and within garmin connect (including run power)
  • I’ve used the maps a few times on holiday and it worked well.
  • Lighter than the 910
  • Works well for triathlon and custom multi-sport events such as swimrun

I can’t compare to the Fenix 6 Pro but for me the 945 has been great.

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I’m in pretty good shape considering. I was descending standing on the pedals at about 30mph when my left shifter snapped off the handlebar leaving me holding onto thin air. I went straight over the handlebars and landed on my face leaving me with facial bone fractures and a broken hand. Back into hospital today for some reconstructive surgery on my eye socket. I’ll need a few weeks more rest but should be back in training in about a month. I’ve not seen the bike as one of my clubmates has it but I’m told it’s basically OK but I guess the frame and wheels will need x-raying to be sure. That said, I’m planning to take legal action against the bike manufacturer/supplier so would expect to get a new bike out of it at least.

In the meantime I’m leaning towards FR945.




Christ on a bike!

You seem pretty chipper :slight_smile:
Hope everything goes well for you, oh, and welcome to the forum :smiley:

I have no advice on new Garmin’s.
Just that my old Edge 500 is still trucking on and the ForeRunner 920XT is a great piece of kit.

We met on the Blenheim FB page. I’d recognise that injury anywhere!
Truly awful. I hope the reconstructive surgery went well. Rest up, and I’ll see you in May!
I don’t have a Garmin. :upside_down_face:

Off a bike, technically :wink:

I’m trying!! :slight_smile:

I’m not actually new, just new since the new app!

I have a very secondhand one going spare lol


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Yessssssssssss! That’s me! Unfortunately surgery has been postponed until next week.

Looking forward to it!!


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Although I like my 945 I’m not sure there’s a huge reason to upgrade from a 920 if it still works, the pay is pretty much useless unless you are with Santander, I quite like the music though as it means I don’t have to take my phone with me, or Ipod, although I usually only listen to music on long runs anyway.

Some of the other metrics are good if you use them, but the wrist HR can be very hit & miss, it said I got up to 192bpm yesterday, I doubt I’d be writing this if I did.

Although it is smaller and less clunky so I do find myself using it as a day to day watch.


Wow, that sounds like a bad crash. I guess your injuries could have been much worse though. Hope the surgery goes well! :+1:

Alas my 920 was smashed in the crash. I’m wondering if the 935 might be a better buy now.

Yeah I think I was pretty lucky under the circumstances! Surgery postponed until Wednesday now. Fingers crossed.


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Useful info Jeff. I keep umm-ing over an upgrade, but the OW issues over the summer definitely put paid to that. I’m assuming that’ll all be fixed once the Swim2 upgrades land.

That’s the big win for me. I usually listen to podcasts via BT earphones, so ditching the phone altogether would be nice. Plus I’d quite like the RHR overnight data, just for trends. But I can’t justify c£500 for those things. Especially when I actually like the square face of the 920.

The question I will face is battery life come next summer. It was fine for another year this year as I knew I’d only be doing halves. I got 14+ hrs of it on a long ride battery test followed by leaving it out on the roof afterwards back in 2018, so as long as it’s still giving 12+ on a test like that, I’d like to think it’ll still be fine to get me through Wales.

I have had a couple of occasions where it’s frozen however … in that the watch still ticks over time wise, and is responsive to button presses, but just where it wont recognise further distance despite showing a GPS lock. Those have happened a couple of times now in the past few months, having never occurred before. One was on my pre-race run in Nice which had me rather concerned. But I think I’m just going to cross my fingers until it lets me down properly at some meaningful event.