New helmet

Cracked my Bontrager Velocis MIPS, is the holy grail of a helmet that excels on road and time trial available yet?

Something you’d get gains for in a TT, ventilated enough for Lanza, and acceptable on a club ride.


I use a Bonty Ballista as an aero road, not sure what it’s like in a wind tunnel, probably depends on your head angle.

Ticks all 3 for me.


I have an S-Works Evade you could get away with that in a tri. Few years old now, games probably moved on

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My tt helmet looks crap. Giro Advantage II.

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Yeah old hat now I’d say


Very good.


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See what I did there :clown_face:

Honestly don’t know why they bothered


I think the evade is the benchmark, although I think the new one is ugly, it claims to be better ventilated for the same aero. Overheating was the main complaint with the old one, but while that might be a problem for Lanza, I’ve never overheated in the UK.

I tried the Giro Synth which looks like a regular helmet and has clsimed aero gains, but it didn’t fit my head. Giro now do the eclipse, which is closer to the evade.

Most others have an offering too. I hear good things of the Bontrager, think Kask do one, or you could go all out for the Endura Aerohead.