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After years of buying the cheapest comfortable trainers I could, I’ve decided now is the time to splash out on some that are more than the £30 Sports Direct ones that I’ve been using for my half / full marathons.

With that in mind, I’ve tried booking at the Runners Needs near me to get a proper gait analysis but they seem booked up for a while to come so was wondering if anyone would be able to help with the type of runner I am with a picture of the soles of my current worn out ones.

These have done around 700 miles so good wear. I know I’m not quite landing on my heels but it also seems I’m not on the fore foot either. I tend ot to get injuries so I’m either lucky or doing something right.

Any help appreciated!

If you’re not getting injuries and not planning to up the mileage, why pay more?
looks like you underpronate a little bit on the left and are pretty neutral on the right.- so I’d probably get another cheap neutral pair while waiting for runners need to free up.

The wet foot on tile thing is good for showing how much your foot rotates. Google it and try

Unless you only wear those shoes for running, the wear patterns will not be conclusive.

There is some great research that states the more you pay for shoes, the more likely you are to get injured…

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I’m not sure any of that means anything. And if it does, there’s a lot of “fixing problems you don’t have” that goes on.

Ive settled on having two or three different running shoes in rotation. The rest is form. Keep an eye on sales and go for mainstream shoes - fit and feel will be the most important factors imo.

Is that a classic case of correlation rather than cause? I suspect more committed and competitive runners pay more for shoes but also do more mileage and/or push themselves harder, hence greater injury risk.

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Yes, I warm up and cool down in them but I only run in them.

Thanks for the help everyone. I’ll pop into the Nike outlet at Kings X later and pick up a pair with at least a bit more cushioning than those ones currently have.

Another thought.- What do the heel cups inside the shoe look like? I pronate quite heavily and wear holes in the back of my shoes at an alarming rate.

You may get lucky with the “fitter” but RN are not typically somewhere I would go for analysis. In fact anywhere that is a chain and then has the ability to sell you shoes after is a bit of a no from me. I just buy shoes that fit first and foremost, then be careful jumping straight into huge mileage with them

They factored in age, gender, experience, training miles etc…i have a hard copy somewhere in and amongst the many files…

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Oh, and watching a Nonce Cage film could well cause suicide by drowning…

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