Nice 70.3 WC (2019)

Don’t think anyone has restarted this thread yet so here goes,

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Chickenboy who I haven’t seen round here for a while qualified at Staffs 70.3 at the weekend.

Qualifiers so far?


I know there’s others and Matt is looking to get there.

I think Staffs had something like 75 slots at the weekend, but 25? were for the women in tri initiative so I’m not sure how the others were split?


Well done to those who have NQ,

Staffs was probably a good call, 5hrs for a Nice slot in AG45-49 would have been nice

Slow course. Lucy Charles Barclay only went 4:24.

I’m still lurking around in the shadows, lol,.

Yeah good day at staffs 4:54, 5th, 5 slots rolled to 6th in 50-54, so just scraped my sorry arse in.

45-49 rolled to 18th i think and 35-39 rolled to 27th!!! i wouldn’t have expected that.

Not the fastest of course on either of the disciplines. My swim is consistently slow there, bike is a bit country road gnarly first 10miles then undulating. the run is ok but a couple of, (what Jeff would consider) massive hills :rofl:

Lucy Charles and Emma P ran past me like a rocket on their second run laps, very impressive


Great result, especially as NQ times for 50-54 were faster than 45-49

I am IN

It was an impressive performance on Sunday Dave, I was tracking you when you were holding steady in 3rd A\G but then went out, especially after you had limited run training earlier in the year.

Strange how the age groups roll totally differently, there’s actually a lot people just moving up to M50 and I think it’s going to be a strong group for a few years, I was looking at a race the other day and someone had put in a 9:0x Ironman, possibly Frankfurt.

Well done for getting up Mount Staffs (twice) :rofl:

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Cheers fellas, yep 3rd to 5th doh!! My run was a little sub par, but I was beaten by someone who ran 1:25 so even on my best run day, I’m not in his league

1:25 off the bike is some going, I know someone who has done 1:24’s but he’s a few years younger I think does something like 1:16-1:17 standalone, and he’s only done one.


They’ve released a very sped up version of the bike course, not looking forward to the descent, I might get off and walk down!

Carbon rim brakes are going to get warm.


Is it worth riding a road bike with clip-ons? I always thought that about Nice. The perfect bike might be an aero-road disc brake bike + extensions.

Or, a TT bike built-up with drops (I’ve done that).

TT Bike all the way

looks a great course looking forward to the decent

note to self make sure new brake blocks fitted

Swissstop Black Prince are supposedly the best pads on carbon rims these days. I have them fitted, but only been used in the dry to-date.

thanks for that will give them a whirl :wink:

Agreed. I’m certainly not a confident descender, and there will be some people attempting to fly down.

I’d already decided just to enjoy the week/race, and this just reinforces that even if I got in good shape, the course wouldnt suit me to attempt and be (relatively) competitive

Definitely the same here Stenard, I can get up hills but I’m no goat, but I’ll lose a stack of time going down.

I’m really just going to enjoy it, if I can get to the run and make up some time that will be a bonus. I could have the race of my life and I’d be lucky to finish in the top 60% of my age group, if that, so why bother.

Jorgan, I’m pretty much considering a road bike with clip-ons, and potentially disc brakes, but that would be my Ti bike! although I’ve done a low 24 minute 10 on that.


Me too, no pressure, just rock up and enjoy the weekend. Like you said Jeff, we ain’t gonna be hitting the podium, so let’s just go for giggles

come on guys lets stop the sandbagging :wink:

you have qualified for championships so “u will all be smashing it”