Nike Zoom Fly/Vaporfly 4 and NEXT% - The Thread

Good luck! Not many places sell them other than the official Nike store. You can get at least 10% off there fairly regularly. You’re going to struggle to beat that.

eBay can be pretty good if you’re patient; netted me a 25% discount.

I had planned to try them at a local 5 mile race I’ve got tonight, but it’s pouring down and I’m tired so they are staying in the box for a bit longer.

Hopefully a parkrun on Saturday 18th if not before, could be carnage at the local parkruns though, Radio 1 are doing some big show and a the second local parkrunners will have to go elsewhere.


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I’m quite surprised to see everybody saying they are trying them out at shorter racing efforts? I thought the whole premise was not that they were any faster in terms of speed versus a racing flat, but helped you maintain the same speed over a much longer duration?

If they don’t make you quicker over a 20/30 minute effort - does that mean they’re not good or worth the money?

They are deffo quicker over 5km than my regular or irregular training shoes.

I have Nike Structure for training. And Zoom Fly SP for quicker efforts.

I sometimes run in the 4%, because they are so nice, but I’ve been putting them on the back burner for proper events or my parkrun attempts (I do one every five weeks as a proper effort)

They are DEFFO worth the money.
I’ve never owned a disc wheel, but pounced on these once they’d been explained and I’d read the 30 day money back policy.
It’s a risk free trial.

But you ain’t gonna wanna send em back!!!

I will … cos i’m tight!! haha

(well, tight ish - i guess any runner/triathlete can’t really claim to be proper tight)

To be fair, a premium disc wheel is £four figures, and you’ll use it very rarely by comparison. However, it will last you many years. The point being, that it’s easier to justify £200 quid over £1500, especially if you’re a sneakerboi like you :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh - proper discs make a cool noise too!

Club mate currently has a proper 10sp tubular disc for sale at £300…I chose the trainers over that :frowning:

But yes, the noise is coolAF!

Get the disc next time. Must be a proper structural disc (Zipp and the like) to make that cool sound. None of that HED covered wheel stuff!

The 50-quid covers from the Liverpudlian time-trialist on ebay work surprisingly well, just a bit of a faff to put on. Now prefer the FLO disk that cost US$600; has aluminium braking track (rim) so you can take it almost anywhere, and the compliance of a spoked wheel.

How much was the Flo after import charges?

I managed to get my 900 disc new on eBay for €950 back in early 2008, when I was getting paid at €1.5/£1 :sunglasses:

Um, my total order from Flo was $1274 which was 600 for the disc, 500 for a pair of Flo30s and 177 for delivery and charges, nearly 4 years ago.

So i’ve got my nice shiny new orange shoes at home … doing nothing. I’ve been ill for days and having barely eaten for days, i don’t so much as have the energy to briskly walk up the stairs! Have had to cancel my planned race for them on Friday, a 4 x 4km relay (inter club politics - really pathetic story regarding ‘claim’ clubs … ) so was hoping to give them a run out at the local parkrun on Sat.

I’m recovering now and eating today, so hoping i’ll have perked up for the weekend. Problem is i will have no idea what impact the shoes will have now as i’m likely to be seriously under what i was hoping for, having put afew weeks of light, but decentish training together. Holiday to france next week knocks that out, so i have to hope for a decent chance to give them a run out the week after before they go back.

Aren’t they crimson?

I don’t even know what colour crimson is - you been reading the dulux charts again?

They’re bright orangey red

So … apparently crimson is a strong red colour, inclining to purple.

I don’t really know - i barely looked at them! I did notice how light they were though.

I’m saving mine for this half marathon June 9. Not even going to look at them until race morning. Fresh out of the box at the start line. What could go wrong ? Mine are orangey-red too.

Mine are back in the box after a full 4.98km in a Sprint Tri! Plan is probably no more than a 10 mile run in them before the Ironman now, just to make sure they’re comfortable, and the elastic tension is right.