Nike Zoom Fly/Vaporfly 4 and NEXT% - The Thread

Here it is!
Buy these shoes.
They be the bomb.

Just waiting for mine, then I’ll be lacing up some instant speed :grin::yum:

I’m here because I got an email!

do they come in clincher?

I used a pair at Boston a couple of weeks ago.

They are super comfy and doubtlessly quick… …

BUT - really very fragile - so I suggest only using them for A races - Folk on eth Sub 3 FB group reckon they lose their extra oomph after no more than 100 miles

By far the most popular Thread on TT in the last year! Indeed the FOMO is strong on this topic!

I’m pretty sure that the 4% and it’s carbon plate cousins don’t really reward forefoot running; you’re better-off mid or heel striking to get the benefit of the carbon plate. The fellrnr review seems to bear this out too, iirc.

Will I go sub 3 off the bike at Ironman Wales if I buy these?

Depends, how far are you planning on running?

It’s getting to the point where I would not wear them so I can always say “I could have been a contender”. Too much risk if you eliminate all the excuses.

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Still haven’t actually worn mine yet, hoping for a test run at a parkrun in a week or so, well out of shape ATM so it will be hard to gauge how effective they are.

There is a local 5 miler next week though :thinking:


I stuck some elastic in mine and put surgical tape over the flap inside the shoe - so hopefully I can last 5k sockless in them on Sunday. That will be the first time I wear them to run, so I’d better have a ‘rungasm’ okay!

Really going to spare these for IM Hamburg in July. I intend their mileage to be less than a marathon before the ‘big day’; just a couple of training runs in them to check I’ve got the lace tension right, and for any potential hot spots.

Yes, if you cycle in them :upside_down_face:

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Ran a parkrun this morning.
A massively annoying 18:04.
Ran 18:42 on the same course in March, without them.
Didn’t do much/any run speed work in April.

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Fastest run split today for 3rd overall. I guess these shoes might work :laughing:

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more than 22 minutes of my Marathon PB today, without destroying my legs, there is absolutely no doubt that these shoes work, at least for some runners like me (heal/mid foot runner) :shushing_face:


So…I was watching some of the Next% on bid offers (not buy it now) a few sold with 4-5 bids for £400.

Now, obviously unsure if people are actually paying that, or this is shill bidding gone wrong, but that’s just nuts!!!

They are out VERY SOON :money_mouth_face:

a few sold with 4-5 bids for £400

The cynic in me wouldn’t be too surprised if the Nike marketing team had made a bid or two

So …

Looks like i’m as soft (curious) as you blimmin lot. I’ve just ordered me a pair of 4%s to try out at a 4km relay race next week. Nothing like using the (apparently) biggest step change in kit in years for running on a major ‘A’ race!! :laughing:

I’ll try to get a parkrun and maybe a solo 10km to benchmark them and see what i think. Then they may be going back on the 30 day trial. If they’re as good as they are supposed to, then i’ll buy some from a slightly cheaper outlet when i decide on a decent road race to use them in anger. If i don’t like them, then nothing ventured, nothing gained!

They arrive next Weds, two days before the race. So i’ll have to take them for a quick spin.

A mate has just bought them and thought the heel was a bit ‘slippy’. Said he would be concerned when cornering hard in them. i’ve suggested using a ‘heel lock’ lacing pattern to see if that helps. Anyone else had this?

Well they were slippery in the snow… I think a little more so than other shoes, but more from a traction perspective. I didn`t feel that grip from heal made cornering, even in the wet / snow feel insecure in any way, the course I ran had quite a few tight corners

I just crossed the elastic between the top 2 rows 3 times to keep the heel secure. These aren’t off-road shoes and the upper & sole reflect that. I think people are maybe expecting a little too much from them!


Pissed me right off.