Non race bikes that you love

Can’t find @Jorgan Frankein bike post, How is the bike?

So who else has a great non race bike? A tourer, tandem, or classic?

I am absolutely loving my Frankein bike. Who needs a modern gravel bike

Was a little concerned that lack of disc brakes would leave me floundering behind modern bikes on the descents, however, all concerns were unfounded, in the dry at least, my frankein bike is fantastic on big gravel descents, silent braking too, unlike those horrible disc brakes, that always shriek when they get hot on big descents

Not sure if it is the 26’’ wheels, good geometry or Titanium frame, but I am amazed how well bike descends, it feels totally predictable, modern bikes are not really any better

Shimano GRX 1x11 setup is amazing, first time I have actually liked a 1x setup, 40 tooth chanset and 11-46 cassette, can maintain 40kph on flat and 50kph downhill, while giving a nice low gear for big climbs (I’m not sure that a lower gear would ever be useful). Its amazing how many of my club mates have spent thousands on high end Gravel bikes that don’t have gearing to do any decent climbs, what is the point?


That looks fun.

Cassette is a dinner plate!

Did you ride this up that climb this morning?

Cassette does look massive with the 26’’ wheels. Yes I used it this morning climbing Rigi, which is a 1400m off road climb

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Brompton - I normally hate the whole trendy/hipster/beardy thing but I can’t deny it just has some kind of character thing going on that grows on you. (And it’s so damn useful)

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my Fuji track steel fixie. perfect for getting into London. costs nothing and i dont really worry about it either so leave it locked anywhere

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I haven’t ridden my Frankenbike since Lockdown really; it was converted for commuting mainly. It does have its compromises; mainly the long top tube makes it a bit stretched-out for using hoods/drops on it, but I manage. I need to get the 2.1" Thunder Burts back on it, and remove the heavy 1.75" Schwalbe Marathons!

It would have been great to have it up in Aviemore, as plenty of trails around there to ride, unlike here :roll_eyes:

what about a really short stem?

Already using an 90mm, don’t really want to go any shorter (or spend the dosh).