Nothing better to do


So Alex and I need to get out more clearly.


Yeah, devotee is probably polite :yum:

I’m not even a 100-day afficianado :sweat:

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Impressive… I think

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Put that on your palmarès

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Same. There’s the odd weekend where stuff comes up. Although I do wonder if I’ll get that once once we hit 100 days of lockdown. I can’t recall a weekend where I’ve not logged into TT since this whole situation started…I’ve had little else to do

I’ve got the 100 day one but only because of the new site being mobile friendly.
I used to only log-on weekdays at work but now I"ve got a shortcut on my phone there’s usually 5 minutes most days when I’ll have a little glance at whatever’s going on.

Yeah same. Its an open tab on my browser permanently. But there’ll be the odd day I miss. Not very often though.

Try the discourse app. Its excellent!

Don’t get too cosy guys.

3rd wheel coming in :fist:t2:


How do you find out the consecutive days you’ve got so far, or don’t you?

No idea. Your profile will show you how many days visited. But not consecutive

Hmm, 384 visits, can’t be far off the year one.

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That’s consistency for you!

373 for me

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I have visited 370 days and yet not managed 100 on the trot :roll_eyes:

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Will there be some kind of mega exclusive Blackpool lounge :thinking:


377 :roll_eyes:

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I built the thing and have less than you :rofl: 372
I was similar to others in that weekend TTing was rare but it’s all sort of morphed into groundhog day the past couple of months so not having much to get done means I have a quick look. Got my 100day badge about a week ago


Also my number as it happens. Still no 100 days

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Odd isn’t it. Now we can use this forum on our phones, I look at it every day now; at least I thought I did.

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