OD: Road bike or tri bike?

Pretty sure I know the response I’ll get but Im looking to see if there’s a difference for Olympic distance racing, I have three races coming up;

Dartford Bridge
Hamburg Wassummsomething
London Tri

They’re all flat I think but with lots of turnarounds, non-drafting

I’ve done both. Normally I’d say TT bike always.

The times I have used my road bike I hadn’t spent any time on the aero bars and just felt more confident on the roadie

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TT no question

Dartford and London as you mention have long straights, albeit with some turns

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If the Hamburg course is the same I did a TT should be fine, couple of dead turns but plenty of long stretches.

Only problem is lots of traffic going at different speeds.

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Okay, I’ll swap over the bikes on the turbo this weekend.

Cheers lads :+1:

TT at Dartford, slab of beer for the other two as you won’t be racing them :rofl:

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Looked back at a couple of files from Dartford

Managed 23 mph average for the half distance even with all the dead turns/roundabouts

So TT bike all the way