Old Video Footage


This was website of the week on IMTalk. It isnt the best quality for the older videos but some great turbo or dreadmill viewing. Even has the old indoor race from France!

Yeah, that’s in my favourites on yootoob. Great for old school stuff in the 80s/90s - basically when I got into Tri.

Long live the speedo/manbra combo!

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This site is amazing. I’ll go and hunt myself and the team down in all the old Grand Prix races and see how many faces I recognise from further back…

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Just come across this…great for the turbo thanks. Some cool footage!

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This week’s homework at Triathlon University…in particular, note the soundtrack, the number of people who should’ve just put their bike shoes on in T1 and a lack of granny gears :facepunch:


Ha ha, love it.

Quality transition/bike mount area!

So many great 'taches

I can’t see past the haircuts!

The 80s :face_vomiting:

At the risk of sounding old, the 80s was unshackled freedom!

I have the 'tache nicely covered right now (with chin goatee). Shame the bureaucrats don’t allow crop vests any more for a bit of retro homage :smirk:

I think I’ve seen this one; I have an old Triathlete magazine that covers it too. Allen won it yes? Is Glenn Cook there epitomising the 80s? :ok_hand:

Just watched that gold coast footage. Class- thanks. What a great runner Mark Allen was. 30km at 18kmh- that’s 2h20m marathon pace, in heat and humidity. #goat :goat:

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oh boy does that Gold Coast video make me feel old!.. I remember watching way way way too many sports video at that time that had that exact same cheesy synth background music, and crap video quality… Blizzard of Ahhs anyone?.. or maybe Rap ‘n Roll?.. still got a few of them on VHS tapes kicking around…nowt to play them on though!

I know, and people think he wouldn’t be able to compete with the current guys! Got news for you; Dave & Mark have run quicker than everyone in Kona, except Lange. That includes their T2 times in the marathon too.

I made the mistake of posting something on FB. Because someone will always insist on miscomprehending what you’ve said. Then some buffoon & his mate argue the toss, despite the fact I drew their attention to the question posed in the last sentence. Some people lack mental agility; or they just have to argue on FB.

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I also didn’t realise Nice wasn’t always 4/120/30. In 86 it was 3/100/32 iirc. Bit run heavy! Obviously MA smashed that one.

If you don’t mind French; first sub 8 Ironman…

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