Oops, wrong chain

Just took chain off TT bike to clean it up and wax… And noticed that I had a 10 speed chain and 11 speed groupset. I bough the bike used 3 years ago, and don’t think I have changed the chain.

To be fair had absolutely no shifting or drive train issues


I’m 10 speed till I die…
All my bikes have 11 speed chainsets.
What’s next 12 speed…
oh too late…!!

3 years :joy:

Shimano/ Sram / campag
Are laughing all the way to the bank…

I could go out and buy any bike I wanted, but how much faster is a 8-10k p5x than my Argon?

Or an optimised basic tt bike… with really good wheels, tri rigs, alpha bars, and a few custom bits THAT ACTUALLY FITS YOU!

I quite like disc brakes as I’m a crap descender, but tt bikes are at a premium as there fairly new.

I didn’t realise 12 speed was that new…?
13”s next…
Fools and money…

Isn’t 13 already here with that Rotor hydraulic groupset?

Has to be faster for sure…!