Open Water Swimming UK 2019

So…I failed to manage more than 10m a fortnight ago, when it was 10.6 degrees.
Giving it another go this evening at 13.5 degrees.

I have no idea how cold that is???
Colder than a cold tap bath?

I think 11.5 is the coldest I’ve swum in; after 40 mins or so, I couldn’t feel my hands or feet. Getting changed afterwards was a chore!

As well as the temperature, it’s how long you stay in the water.

It’s only 500/750 round, so either 30-40 minutes.
Don’t fancy three laps :sleepy:

People had gloves and booties last month.

I wasted a fiver and 35 mile round trip to bob around for a bit.
Going to the shallower lake closer to home this evening.

I’ll leave it until next week until I open my OW account. It’s a very shallow lake I swim in, so it’s already up to around 15 iirc.

Zugersee is currently 16 degrees, but website says “closed, too cold to bathe”
Local Badi has opened its 50m outdoor pool, may take wetsuit to swim coaching tonight

Ha, the Swiss are such ‘warmduscher’. The Germans would class that as Speedo temperature.

Badi? Loving the dialect!

14.8 degrees.
Managed to swim 2.1km over the 1.9km course.
Need to swim straighter.
31 minutes and was easy(ish)

We started on Wednesday, mad busy so had to help on reception whole session and never swam. Water was 15. Not liking the look of the temperature at 7am tomorrow for the next session.

How was it JaRok2300?
11degs is massively not pleasant!

Lovely, believe it or not. Air temp was 4°C (you could see your breath) water was 13°C. Bit nippy on the face for first couple hundred metres but fine after that. Ended up doing 5 laps, 2300m.

That Helix I have is taking a long soak in the bath today.

Anyone know of any venues near Northampton for some midweek madness?
I’ve read about Sywell, but cannot find any information…

I’m going to brave the lake this afternoon; I think it will be a fairly short session given this week’s weather! Where we live there were two hailstorms last night, although I believe it might have been localised as we live a bit higher up on a ridge.

My wetsuit is in the car for my trip to the lakes, doubt I’ll be getting in Ullswater though :cold_face:, but could pop to the local lake on the way home.

Btw, anyone got a Roka Maverick wetsuit, any thoughts? My Helix is manky now and about 5 years old so losing flexibility.


Don’t worry I corrected your Typo :wink:

My Snugg is still battling on after 11 years! Not as thin/flexible as the Helix, but a damned good investment. I would recommend a made-to-measure Snugg to anyone who’s prepared to splash that kind of money; you can specify various specs on it too, and made in the UK :+1:

I will try the Helix this 'avo, and hope there’s someone there to zip me up.

I was in Lake 62 on Wednesday evening, after a few showers during the day. Claimed to be 13C but felt warmer. Was OK once the face freeze subsided, 30min no problem for a first dip.

The lake near work is only about 5ft deep, so shouldn’t be too bad. Cromhall Quarry though, that must be like the Weddell Sea at the moment.

We’ve held 3 sessions so far, 2 Wednesday evenings & 1 Saturday morning. Temps been 15, 13 & 14 (chronological order) but the Saturday is 7am so that’s often a touch cooler. All this rain and very little sun is keeping it fresh but I think there’s some better weather forecast.

At least the algae is being kept at bay!

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Looking like it might be okay to brave a non wetsuit 400m final add on tomorrow night (forecast has granted us another balmy day)

And my body glide arrived, so I won’t get a neck scab this week

No algae or weeds at Boundary Breeze.
It actually makes open water swimming enjoyable!!!