Outlaw 2020

Anyone entered the full distance event? Any accommodation tips from previous competitors. Travel Inn has availability or I will be camping.
Never done this before so gonna give it a wriggle

Not done the full but half many times. I can recommend the camping, couldn’t be more convenient.

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I’ve always stayed in a cheap hotel in Nottingham as I’ve always been too slack to get organised with the camp site.

Proper bed before a big race has to be preferable to a roll mat or air bed!

10-15 minute drive in on the morning

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I’ve stayed at The Beeches Hotel. Only a short drive in the morning/end of race. Rooms are lovely, nice restaurant and staff are really friendly.

My sister has stayed on the campsite which is literally just across the road from the start/finish, with hot showers.

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Same as @Adam, I stayed in a hotel in Nottingham and it was a 20 minute drive (plus queueing to get in venue). No stress getting there at all. My wife isn’t as keen as me on camping and TBH I didn’t fancy taking the tent down, etc. after that distance.

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I stayed at Primrose House B&B in Cotgrave; nice place, good breakfast and quiet.