Outlaw 2020

Anyone entered the full distance event? Any accommodation tips from previous competitors. Travel Inn has availability or I will be camping.
Never done this before so gonna give it a wriggle

Not done the full but half many times. I can recommend the camping, couldn’t be more convenient.

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I’ve always stayed in a cheap hotel in Nottingham as I’ve always been too slack to get organised with the camp site.

Proper bed before a big race has to be preferable to a roll mat or air bed!

10-15 minute drive in on the morning

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I’ve stayed at The Beeches Hotel. Only a short drive in the morning/end of race. Rooms are lovely, nice restaurant and staff are really friendly.

My sister has stayed on the campsite which is literally just across the road from the start/finish, with hot showers.

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Same as @Adam, I stayed in a hotel in Nottingham and it was a 20 minute drive (plus queueing to get in venue). No stress getting there at all. My wife isn’t as keen as me on camping and TBH I didn’t fancy taking the tent down, etc. after that distance.

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I stayed at Primrose House B&B in Cotgrave; nice place, good breakfast and quiet.

Anyone know anything about this? I have been waiting for an email to cancel/postpone but nothing yet what’s the word on the street?

Fairly certain it’s off isn’t it?

The earlier events have been cancelled haven’t they?

At the moment they think it will be on but it won’t be a full event. I suppose they are hoping that we’ll come out of special measures by the middle of May.

Some talk of not a full event given the lack of opportunity for swim training and big miles.

My guess is kilometres instead of miles and just bike /run


They’ll probably wait for you to exit the swim before telling you it’s cancelled.


Oh yeah. Bad couple of years for them!

I managed to get Hamburg done on a ‘good’ year too. In fact I’ve always gotten full value (and more in Hamburg) in all my 140.6 races. Just the weather extremes have affected a few.

I fully appreciate that the organisers want the full distance event to go ahead, and they do their very best to create a great race which is sustainable, as Outlaw is. I loose interest as soon as a race is shortened or parts of it are cancelled.

So I hope if the race is ‘adjusted’ there is an option to defer to next year even with an admin fee.

So Outlaw have held off a decision at this point, if event is cancelled all paid up entrants get a slot next year (25th July 2021). No extra fees.
Withdrawal deadline extended to May 24th, don’t what the withdraw policy is.

Seems more than fair to me

Just checked and withdrawal before the extended date gets you back £200 …IIRC entry was £315

I’m rolling into next year.

Normally have to budget a bit of £££ for race entries, but 2021 is looking like nearly all of my racing will be 2020 deferrals…


Fancy this…

3 week gap after IMUK too…

“ The double”

Not sure?!?

Next year it is …like you TRO 2 big races deferred from this year.

FTFY :roll_eyes:

I don’t think you included the ridiculous transitions in your total there Jeff!