Outlaw Half - Bowood House

Finally got something in the books for this season! Is anyone else doing this? It was announced fairly late for this season, and is the same day as the 113, so I guess entries will fill a little more slowly than next year.

Looks like an honest undulating bike course; the lake is really nice from what I remember from a visit there a few years ago. I’ll hopefully get across there for a bike course recce at some point. Hoping for a good event.

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A lot of competition on that date. Staffs is on too

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Ah that’s it. I knew there was something else on too. I guess they’ll de-conflict next year; at least you’d like to think they will! Because it’s Active registration, I don’t know if you can see how quickly it’s filling.

I think the J-Meister wussed out of Staffs after he was handed the spanking of his life from a portly @Poet :wink:

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Yes, that routing obvs, and the fact I’ll save £hundreds staying local! Cost me £202 with day licence & 18 mile drive away :+1:

That bike course at the 113 last year was too flat (and boring) for me. No w/kg penalty on the bike means I’m at even more of a disadvantage to other mamils. This one has ~760m of climbing.

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I loved it - first lap getting used to being up there, passing people who swam faster than I did.
Second lap just doing the sling-shot around people.

That’s what you need for a 70.3 course, something you don’t need to think about.
You needed the noggin for the run :wink:

£202 is decent, plus being only 18 miles away helps…do you have to rack and register the day before?
That drives me nuts

Not sure; I’m hoping not! If I have to, I’ll see if the family want to come along and use the facilities there whilst I faff. They won’t want to be there at 4.30am the next day :laughing:

I’m hoping this is more like the 70.3 in St Polten; challenging 1-lap bike, done in wave starts. Obvs won’t be as scenic as Austria though.

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Like the Staffs course, just been having a look at Lucy Charles-Barclays time :open_mouth:
That’s what I was hoping for…after seeing that she only just managed my targets, I may need to revise them down :frowning:

Pretty sure @chickenboy did something like 2:35 that day

OT / getting you Bowood dudes back on track

Staffs 70.3

Replied over on the other thread for our event.

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Isn’t there quite a technical section that gets congested in Staffs?

Yep, the first 20k is a bit shite, but soon opens up afterwards

Yup. :+1:. 2:35 At 3w/kg to give you an idea

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2 minutes from my front door. Lakes ok there. Might do my first Sprint Tri there in June

hmmm I don’t need anymore race, but I do like the look of this one.

Don’t you fancy a re-run of Hamburg; AG wave starts so you should get a headstart depending on send-off order :upside_down_face:

Will we be allowed to have another chat on the bike?!

The location will keep the other half happy which seems to be almost the primary consideration these days. I will mull over.

It’s a nice place to visit. Yes, I should imagine I would give you a tap on the back if I saw you on the bike :blush: After 7 years doing the 113 or Classic, I relish a change of scenery.

Anyone else racing Bowood this weekend?

I enjoyed that race. Great venue. Bit of a queue getting in to the car park on race morning but thankfully a half hour delay due to mist on the lake. TT start in pairs with a dive start(I caught 2 just with the dive :slight_smile: )
One big loop on the swim, a bit tricky sighting as there was still a bit of mist and orange caps with orange buoys is always tricky. 25:04(1.1 mi Swim Activity on September 12, 2021 by Stephen M. on Strava)
Long T1 with a run up the hill to bike mount.
Nice quick, simple bike with a few hills to break things up(2:27 236W avg 251W NP 141HR) (55.1 mi Ride Activity on September 12, 2021 by Stephen M. on Strava)
Run was more challenging than I was expecting with a lot of it being off-road and a short stinger of a hill at the end of each lap (1:35 161avg HR)(13.0 mi Run Activity on September 12, 2021 by Stephen M. on Strava)
4:34, 5th in AG and 30th overall. Happy with that.