Outlaw half - Nottingham

Anyone in for this? Hoping it warms up a bit next week. First OW swim next Wednesday night - textbook prep!

I’m doing this it’s an annual event for me (will be my 5th time) to see how things are progressing.
Got my first OW swims in this week, 10 degrees! It was cold but not as bad as I thought it wood be. Weather seems like it’s picking up anyhow.

See you there.

Yeah, but you only get to go around the lake twice? Short changed :joy:

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Is twice round the lake worth running in the 4%'s as the rest of the course is pretty much off road that is the question?


If the course is the same as 2009-2011, then definitely.
You will (Vapor) FLY around the fricking lake.

They could’ve made it four times round the lake, with a little “dog-leg” for the half marathon distance.

To fully lap up the support.

I’ll be there, can’t get enough of that lake.

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If that’s the case, there may be an event for you…

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The Holme Pierrepoint Grand Prix 10km Summer Series?
Race a 10km around the flat, fast regatta lake every Tuesday evening throughout the Summer?

They didn’t even quite get that bit right :rofl:

Good result for me, 2nd AG and 7th overall if you exclude elites & relay teams.
knocked off around 12 minutes from last years time to finish 4:26:55, really chuffed to get under 4:30 for the half.

The lake was cold but the bike conditions were perfect almost no wind, not sure the shoes gave me much on the run though, same run time as last year. Expected a bit more fan fare for the Outlaw 10th anniversary but still a great event.

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Nice work!!!
That swim needs fixing :wink:

Was it worth entering the Elite wave for a nice clear lake and open roads?

It’s not the 10th Outlaw Half :wink:
I presume they’re saving the fanfare for OutlawX ?

Excellent work!

Good day out for me as well, although not as good as you!! Awful swim (and cold) but knocked time off bike and run. Still six minutes to go to get sub 5hrs but would have had it with my swim from last year. Oh well, next year…

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The swim grrr haha. Swimming has always been my weakness and as I get quicker overall it is definitely having a significant impact on my results. I’m making big improvements though & I’m a much better swimmer than my time suggests I just can’t convert it on race day, the rough chop & melee with the other swimmers a few mouthfuls of water and it all goes to tits up.

Probably would get a quicker time in the elite wave but then there are no prizes just a finish at the bottom of the pack. Racing for the podium or AG win is a result worth racing for that’s how I see it anyhow.

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Nice one Mark, I struggled a bit on the bike after the swim, just had to ignore the plan & put the hammer down to try & get warm.

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I can certainly empathise with that

Well done Brett and Mark! I improved a bit but my swim was so much slower than expected, don’t know if it was just bec\use it was cold? Navigation isn’t an issue and was passing slowly through my wave on the 2nd half of the swim. It just isn’t reflective of my improved swimming in the pool. Bike went well enough, managed to dodge the poor sod and the full bottle he hit before entering the hedge in the early part of the bike. Good job I was a proper distance behind. Run went OK too, was able to pick up the pace a bit towards the back. T1 was slow as my fingers were so cold and put arm warmers on too, as well as loo stop. Nice weather, well organised, horible road surface, great support.

A shame Jorgan wasn’t there to see the lake, with the lovely sunrise.

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Do you have any photos, so I can relive the moment?

I was actually really glad to see the lake. The surface of the out & back is narrow mixed offroad & even some grass, on the second lap is was very busy and difficult to overtake. The tarmac road round the lake was mint & faster.

Brett, did you take that as you entered T1 after the swim? :wink: