Outside Triathlon, I would like to

Ride the Brian Chapman Memorial 600km Audax.
Ride the NC500.
The West Highland Way Challenge (95mi run)
Leadville 100 (MTB)

They are in order of likelihood. I was given a taste on the Brevet Cymru last year (405km) and 600km means riding right through the night, and the challenge of avoiding a sleep stop.


London-Edinburgh-London in 2021. I’d also like to do the Bryan Chapman. Did a 600 last year. Ended up being one of the hardest things I’ve done.

My big one is the Coastal Challenge in Costa Rica. I’ve dropped hints for years, but may have to save that up for my 40th or something similar!

I know it’s not massive, but i’d quite like to the River Dart 10km swim one day as it’s so outside my comfort zone.

Also i’d like to climb a really decent mountain. Not fussy which, but something at least a bit technical (for me to learn the ropes - literally) and a bit altitudey. Maybe not Everest though, i hate queues!

At the risk of derailing the thread … completed my pbp qualifiers last weekend (200, 300, 400, 600) so that will be another box ticked hopefully come the summer.
“Did” LEL two years ago…

Looking into more self sufficient & nav type events too… and always like a good ultra :slight_smile:

spine challenger and maybe spine sometime… and dragons back but plenty more out there


Yep, agree on the ultras. There’s tons i like the look of, including Dragon’s Back. But also something a bit more weird out in central Europe or something. There’s been a very cool looking one in Serbia last weekend. And i know there’s a briliant looking 100 miler on my radar through Romania around Transylvania.

Spine Race for me. On the way to that am looking at the Exodus next year (100 mile across Brecons in December) and one other to give me enough points to punt in a UTMB entry.

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Welsh 3000s under 12 hours.
Pennine Way in ten days (27 miles per day)
everesting on the bike.

All solo efforts.

Nazaret, Jaws, Shipwrecks and Cloudbreak.

More realistically, get those UTMB points (the lightweight CCC for me). Guess we’ll find out in a few weeks time, hopefully with the RttK and RttS combo.

Also doing my first MTB endurance race in Aug (Torq in your Sleep).

My reason for doing the 600 was to get first dibs on a PBP place but then found out it clashed with a family thing, so had to shelve it. Would like to do it next time round though.

Learn to mountain bike and do some trail rides.

Trans Atlantic Yacht race

drink more beer :smile:


Gardening, it’s a mess.

Raid Pyrenean

Start saving; it makes doing an Ironman look very cheap if you pay for guiding/logistics etc. I did nearly all of my Alpine mountaineering self supported/arranged, but I did pay for a trip to South America with Jagged Globe; that was ££££. Really good though - everything is sorted, and you just have to man-up and climb (I still threw-up on one of the ‘training’ mountains!). When you start going well over 5000m on technical peaks in a 2-week trip, it’s going to be painful.

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Transcontinental sounds just the ticket.

I rode the Brevet Cymru with a guy who’s been about a bit in the ultra cycling circles doing TCR etc (Stuart Birnie). He was very modest; it was only when I Googled him I realised his pedigree.

oh oh oh … 3 peaks yacht race has always appealed.

Short Term:
12 hour time trial - 270 miles.

Longer Term:
Get a dog, grow old and consider myself ‘fit’ because I take the dog for a walk round the block twice a day.


Yes this… I love it when life and especially audax overlaps with “normal” people… .just popping to the co-op for bread & milk… or popping out for tea & cake at the café.
All very alien.

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How many committed Audaxers are single or divorced? I did wonder when I had my brief foray into that world. A lot of them seemed to literally live from one Audax to another.

Sport related

Go to Cape Wrath, possibly via the NC500, got to Tongue a few years ago in the car
6 marathon majors, 3 down, London, Chicago, NY, should get into Boston next year and will keep trying the ballot for Berlin. Not sure about entry for Tokyo
Sub 3 marathon, but running out of time and motivation
3 peaks fell race & Jura

Non-sport related

Visit every European capital - 31 down so far (and go to Pripyat while I’m in Kiev)
(maybe) visit every US state - not doing very well with this so far!
Go to the other continents
retire about 60, but this is somewhat in conflict with the things above :rofl: