OW non-wetsuit technique

Looks like I have a non wetsuit race next weekend, are there any technique tips for non-wetsuit open water swims?

Or is it just “kick a bit more”?

I may have a chance to practice tomorrow evening.

In Germany?
Or the UK?

Yeah, just kick a bit more :+1:t3:

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Do it like you’ve done in training :wink:

Little bit extra kick will help keep bit more afloat, but also risks tiring you out so I wouldn’t be making major changes, you’ll still be as buoyant as you are in the pool.

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Hmm, my last OW swim was…? IMCH 2019? No I did some lake swimming spring 2020 I think I did one without a wetsuit. Last race non-wetsuit was probably Hever half Summer 2018.

OW I usually just bear in mind a wider catch, but only kick if I can be bothered.

Hamburg was cancelled, this is the illustrious Dartford Bridge triathlon. ;). Water temp was 24.5C last week, with the rain it will be murky I expect and maybe a little cooler. High temps makes for algae worries too.

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I have to speed my stroke up a bit non wetsuit. Not so much the extension and catch in the water but definitely in recovery when the arm is out of the water, loss of buoyancy I guess

Stubbers was about 2 degrees cooler yesterday than last week, so you might be ok.

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Yes I was looking for the pink font when I typed it :see_no_evil:

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Yeah I knew you were kidding but it made me think. One non-wetsuit OW swim in two years is probably “sub-optimal” :laughing:

Non-wetsuit doesn’t bother me, in fact the reduced hassle in T1 is appealing, just don’t want to lose much time in the water if I’m going to hit my targets.

I’ll probably just go with the tidier kick and higher stroke rate Ive been working on in the pool.

You’re going to lose a little time on the swim; make peace with that. Shouldn’t be too much though if it’s 1.5k or less.

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