OW tris in Somt?

Asking for a running mate in Somerset, who has another mate in Scotland, looking to come down and do an open water tri in some time year. Been asked for good race suggestions but I haven’t really done any tris in the area.

Any suggestions?

I think immortal are doing something up in wimbleball again. I know that’s Devon, but it’s close.

Cheers mate, sent him the link. Stourhead looks good also.

Is the swim in the lake at the Natural trust?

That would be cool. That’s a usual stop off point on drives down to Cornwall for us

Yes I think so.

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Lovely spot that

I’ve done the Stourhead event; that’s an honest course! The water is cold that time of year obviously; then you have the long uphill run to T1 (maybe 4-5 mins you definitely need shoes for it). The bike is pretty undulating, and the run is 14 miles over 3 laps, doing that run up from the lake at the end of each lap (the year I did it). It’s the only ‘Half’ that took me over 5h (5:03)

I would do it again, but like the Wimbleball event, they clash with the kids birthday weekends, so keep them free.

ETA - just found the bike on my Strava. 85km but with 1333m of ascent! Took me 2:44 with transitions.

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Cheers mate, I will pass that on. My mate isn’t a triathlete but an excellent runner, so this weekend may mean something for everyone.

Yes, definitely suits strong bikers & runners.

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I have entered Immotal at Wimbleball, and also Brixham Harbour Triathlon (that’s Devon though!). Both quite hilly by all accounts.

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