Own Up - who was it

This morning on my ride I cycled passed a chap on sit up and beg, wearing a smart mac, smart trousers and shoes and a scarf. Oh and a POC TT helmet.

He was out done by the guy on a motorised unicycle, crusing down the street with his hands in his pocket casual AF.



I ran past an older guy (must have been early 60s at least) carving up the seafront on one of those electric skateboards with a single, big wheel in the middle. Made me chuckle!

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There’s a guy rides one round Worcester (like a bit of a d1ck to be honest cutting up pedestrians etc) and he rode it straight into the bank one day and down the banking hall. I’m nothing to do with the branch but was just passing through so stood in front of him and with my most condescending voice/face said “Please don’t ride your skateboard indoors”. Hopefully the fact that’s something a 10 year old could work out wasn’t lost on him.

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The electronic skateboards are all the rage here - especially last summer, my usual bike path commute they probably made up for close to 10% of people using the path. All the hipsters innit. Can’t say I’ve actually ever had a problem with them, other than they blow me out of the water for speed most of the time

My favourite is still the guy who takes his dog out whilst on a (non-electronic) skateboard… his dog is on another skateboard!

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I enjoy anything fast enough to do something stupid with.

So obviously, I WANT ONE.

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You see more and more electric scooters and skateboards around London. City of London Police were pulling over people using the scooters on the cycle superhighway along Lower Thames Street a few months ago. I don’t know whether they were issuing tickets or just cautioning people, but using an electric scooter on the road or pavement can earn you a £300 fine and 6 points on your driving licence :open_mouth:

Milton Keynes council are looking into allowing them on our cycle paths. Don’t see the issue really, no worse than a bike.