Passport Renewal - best method?

I can’t seem to get my photo on my phone to get better than a ‘Fair’. Not sure if it’s just lighting, or my wife’s photography skills or something else. I don’t really want to commit to the fee if there’s a chance it could get rejected and have the complete faff of that. Should I just go to a 3rd party for the photo, or is there an App that I could use? I seem to remember @Poet renewed his last year?

Thanks in advance.

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Pre restrictions, we always went to the photo shop in town. Oz and UK required sizes are different and he just used to do us a set of both for about £8 pp. Never rejected and just saved hassle, albeit a bit dear.

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Also struggled with phone pictures earlier this year, didn’t want to take risk so gave up and went to supermarket machine.

Do you have a white wall and portrait mode on your phone?
Took us a few goes, plus moving a lamp or three, but got there in the end.

I used the “okay/good” version and it was fine.

Turnaround was rapid, too.

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No rush anyway … you ain’t going anywhere this year @Jorgan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s almost certainly just the lighting, wait until a sunny day.


Loads of them coming up right soon!
They seem to like Lockdown. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I don’t think we even got that far for my partners passport and it got through ok. Not sure what that algorithm is based on.

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Yeah spotlight to the face, not to the side, and try not to squint :slight_smile:

I had to get my <1 year old passport replaced after a washing machine incident so just sent them a copy of the same photo I had done previously - and they rejected it! Said it had to be a new photo. So they have an algorithm to compare to the previous photo at the very least.

I used the Post Office last time, it was all very straightforward. Cost £16 though + the usual renewal fee.