Password Manager recommendations

Anyone got a recommendation for a good password manager? Trying LastPass but not very impressed with it’s Android integration so far.

Would be using it on desktop Chrome and Firefox and Android (Chrome)

been using LastPass for a few years and it just works. use it on iOS, Android (Mrs FB), and PC browsers and it synchs nicely across all platforms.

I did try 1Password for a while but couldn’t get on with that although it did work OK.

I think most of the better password managers work OK - user experiences will vary though.

The one that seems popular among the techies i’ve worked with is Keepass. I like it, as I can back up and use my encrypted database to/on a second device, which makes sense.

Just set them all to password1


Mate I used to work with always used the month and year for his password at work so he would nevern forget it :rofl:

He does a fair bit of freelance work for Microsoft.

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