It’s my favourite spectator sport
Honestly some of the stuff is unbelievable

I’m glad there’s no money in Tri other wise that would probably be the same.

The route of all evil as they say


Have you ever had a concussion @Mungo2 ?

I used to enjoy boxing but since getting a blues & twos trip to hospital after a bike whoopsy & a couple of weeks off work getting over the diagnosed concussion I can no longer watch it :face_with_peeking_eye:.

I don’t have as much appetite for rugby anymore which I was even more passionate about.

I’m not judging you, I’m just wondering if you’ve ever had a good knock & still retained your love of it?


God yes !
Won most of my am / army fights
But not all, only stopped once by a guy who went on to become ABA standard.

Still go on the pads / most weeks and really enjoy it still

Still love WATCHING boxing !

I’m too old for sparring now but it’s nice to know if your ever in a tight spot …


“ Garcia later posted: “Why in the world would I volunteer for a drug test if I planned on taking drugs? Make it make sense???””

What’s VADA compared to other anti doping agencies? The v standing for voluntary I understand.


He was neg 8 and 3? Weeks out I believe

Point blank refusing a test the day before and the night of the fight would be sus

Haney posted that Ryan had missed a test a few weeks out but then completed it “ late”

Ryan Garcia has posted some strange strange stuff in the last 8 weeks there was growing concern for his mental health in fight week
( he proposed to a porn star on the weds and was partying into the wee hours during fight week)

After the fight he gave millions to Palestine … this has not been confirmed ?!

Ostarine is illegally put into some over the counter supplements but still, he’s either guilty of taking peds ( levels will tell us more ) or he’s guilty of being the biggest ducking idiot in the history of sport
Either will get him a ban.


had four bouts of milling in my time…two were ok…but one was against a former England junior which was tough and on P Company against a 7RHA army boxer which left me pretty dazed…


10-2-1 IIRC
That’s including inter battery, inter regiment
One army and 5 amateur fights.
Did the milling thing twice, let the guy swing away and stepped in with sharp shots.

Levels …… the best guy I ever fought wasn’t the best boxer crazy Scot called Hutt!
Went quite far army and ABA wise right handed southpaw! Beat me with one hand !

Great days

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Lance Armstrong
1:12 hyrox today
Won his age group

I wonder if they tested him ?


Apparently most of his WBs were no reps…

Did you also see the top 3 from the WC Elite 15 will be tested, with I think 2 other random athletes.

They will need to really do random in season testing but its a great start!


Out of comp testing would only be for pros surely. ?
175000 people did a hyrox this / last season as you say it’s a start.
Hope your ready for World champs next weekend !?

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I know he’s a been a pathological liar, but surely he has to be clean now. A random (/targeted) positive test at Hyrox truly would make him a laughing stock and further tarnish any credibility for his ability. Some might saw he already is, but there will be plenty who still believe he was simply part of a doping culture etc and no more wrong than everyone else.


That’s hardly a world shattering time for an ex elite sebby K beat him by 2 mins and I think he did pro
Don’t know if Lance did pro or open weights to be honest ?
There’s normally a 6-8 min difference with the same person .
Hyrox has zero drug testing as it stands, so he was never getting tested yesterday I would be amazed if he’s not clean?!

World champs next weekend and as John says there going to introduce it and rightly so,
Lance raced in a different age but his drug use impacted so many others and ruined a few sporting and non sporting careers and lives, he really was the ultimate win at all costs Alpha bully.
Forgiveness always comes with the passage of time but not for kiddie fiddlers or him !
( that sounds harsh !)


I think it’s been mentioned before but are hyrox even aligned with WADA? I thought Lance got banned from all competitive sports for life and wouldn’t be able to compete if they were, in the same way he couldn’t race triathlon with Ironman?

Or was he just banned from cycling for life and other sports for a specified time of 10 years or something?


He turned up at an open water swim event and was not allowed to compete but that was some time ago.
Hyrox has zero drug policy ( age group wise )
He’s not a pro so the chances of him being tested are impossible now
Highly unlikely after worlds next week.

This is a sport we’re people say and this a direct quote by a real person to me
“ it’s fine mate, there is no drug testing so you can take what you like “
You can imagine what I said next … I think my ban is up on that site now?!
Hyrox are being heavily criticised for this and in all fairness are introducing testing for the elite 15 and top age groupers but that’s one test on the day … if you know anything about peds … that’s pointless


TBH if they are vein and stupid enough to take them then that’s their choice along with health risks, but yeah, it is unfair to the clean athletes in the sport.


There not taking money off me
This is for fun
There carrying a guilty secret
There friends and families don’t GAF we’re they come really… it’s very very sad
I’m guessing this is 2-3 % ish hyrox and less in tri.

Putting your health at risk to go a few mins faster … who’s the real winners and LOSERS here ?

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Colour me shocked


That’s how to catch people !
Bio passports

Hyrox world champs this weekend … just sayin !


John S sent me this …!
Let’s hope they use it.
He is hopefully over 75% of the way through about now


Yes - as soon as Hyrox signs up to WADA, they have to exclude Armstrong from competition.

If they’re not signed up to WADA you can presume anything goes, there’s no good reason for it.