Do you need a TUE for FostAir?
It’s quite simply transformed my training.
Absolutely marvellous stuff :white_check_mark:


it has 6 micrograms per 100mg puff so 9 puffs max (8 is the limit anyway)


just checked and the 200 i had was a 200/6 also so whilst i was told max 4 puffs a day (unless an emergency), I could get away with 9 under WADA also


Urine infection ?
Not sure how she proved that ? Unless she was under treatment
Unless I’ve got this completely wrong?

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I doubt infection, the key evidence was from a psychiatrist.

Details all very vague, but I’m guessing it’s something along the lines that she couldn’t physically produce a sample despite trying, and refused to drink more water because she was anxious she would fail a weigh in.

She produced a sample later that day.


Standard rugby player type activity I would have thought. Except the getting caught bit.

That is a strange one ?!
Personally after collecting 5-600 samples ( urine only) from prisoners I find it “suspect”

They often want huge amounts of water to dilute there samples, (a retest later in the day is completely pointless as there are several products available from any chemists that will negate/ ruin a drug test, I’m guessing you knew that ) they regularly test boxers pre and post fight, pre some are severely dehydrated and still manage to provide, they don’t test usually in the last 24 hours.

No judgement as innocent until proven guilty, but if that was pro combat sports she would have been banned I think

Yes, strange one as this says she was trying to make the weight for a competition and very dehydrated with possible cognitive impairment.

I’m tempted to give her the benefit of doubt like UKAD.

I’m not sure that them dehydrating themselves so much to make a weight is very healthy though?

Olympics 2024: Jade Jones avoids ban over no-fault doping violation - BBC Sport

Then also this, a 2:03 marathon runner and Boston\Chicago runner on heart meds.

Lawrence Cherono: Kenyan marathon runner given seven-year ban for doping - BBC Sport


Devin Haney rehydrated 27 lbs ( over two stone)
( 140 weigh in to 167 on fight night in about 30 hours) in April this year
He still managed to provide pre and post tests, she will be getting nowhere near those figures, as you say benefit of the doubt but she’s lucky for sure.

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Same rare/unusual med as everyone else is testing positive for, and they all just happen to live with someone who needs it. Or use the same knife as their grandad to cut a cake :rofl:

Kenyan doping is just out of control though


same drug as the 23 Chinese swimmers took and last years female junior tennis finalist got banned for. seems to be a lot of angina in top class sport at the mo!


How many genuine false positives have there been?
How many people really can’t provide 90 ml of urine given 3/4 hours and often way over that in fluid?

Some sports are just a joke, ours probably isn’t one of them