Physics Geeks help please

Errrrr…not me, that’s for sure…

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Me neither, just thought Sloggers might :woman_shrugging:


there was some astro physicist i think who just made stuff up and forged a career because his professor didn’t know the maths and so assumed it was sound…i must look him up…


This is calculus and that is hard.

It’s easy to look at the formulas and be dumbstruck. Fortunately the author explains the variables. Though you then need to have the knowledge (which I don’t) to know if that combination of variables makes sense in a meaningful manner, in context.

Maybe ejc, but this is (supposedly) hard science. Physics.

that hard science???

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Anyhow it’s given you a laugh.

What we do know is that (at least) two groups of scientists claim such things. The one discussed above, and the German one noted in Bethany’s book referenced above.

Given I have been pushing my mind to visualise these energy flows for two decades (on and off), I just got excited, hence my request for objective options. And thank you for them.

(The key is resonance btw, in my opinion. There are I think two energy connections (one was noted in that paper) and there are three energy flows internally on different planes, with (again as noted in the article) a concentration in the Kings Chamber. Getting it to start up is the tricky bit, given there are missing pieces.) I would love science to prove that! Would make my day.

I think we touched on this on another thread; it is not who is saying something, but what is what is being said, that is to be evaluated in critical thinking.

Unless there is a disingenuous party involved. Ie they are trying to deceive you.

In any case neither Harvard, the Smithsonian nor NASA are saying this nor putting their names to it.

These people may or may not believe what they have posted, the important bit is that it flies in the face of basic physics.


without having the desire t read the paper…which i wouldn’t understand anyway…do i assume that this was theoretical calculations rather than a physical experiment?

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my summary



Filed under sound studies in researchgate but under astrophysics elsewhere for some reason.


Sadly I don’t think that you could do such on the ground experiments just now. Iirc the current Egyptian Government reportedly has a strong view that they are Tombs and that is it. Fair enough their country their rules.

Had the pyramid been recapped as planned on Millennium night, things might (or might not) be rather different today. Pity that there was a media blackout as to why this planned event failed to happen. The only source of news (when I last checked anyway) were conspiracy sites talking about the helicopter carrying it being downed in the Med iirc. What is for sure something happened to completely remove this event from the agenda. I remember being rather disappointed that night. But hey Ho.

Further it is now explained.

In short, too much Masonic controversy over the capping.

“ Finally the Egyptian minister of culture caved in and, at the eleventh hour, admitted that due to public outrage over the ‘Masonic’ implications and to avoid any disturbance the golden capstone ceremony would be scrapped.”

so…theoretically, any building of this size/shape would produce the same results…

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Filed under unsound studies i think…

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No ejc, sadly I don’t think so. For several reasons, including…

  1. It’s precise positioning. If you believe the German scientists (referenced above in the Bethany book), there is an EM energy grid in the Giza Plateau. So you would need to somehow compensate for that, assuming that they are correct. There are relevant ground energies, of that I agree, but what type I don’t know.

  2. There are aspects of its internal structure you would need to duplicate in addition to size and shape. Especially the Kings chamber and the underground chamber.

  3. Then there is the small matter of now missing components, though I give you the article doesn’t touch on that. You would need to duplicate the residue (like I guess how a Geiger counter can detect past radiation bursts).

  4. From my own, non scientific testing, I can’t visualise other pyramids operating as this one does. So if, and it is a big if, you could use any similar sized and shaped structure, something is missing. Or I am nuttier than a Dundee cake. I think that this one might act as a sort of keystone.

  5. Equally though, those into pyramid power might suggest otherwise as you are sharpening your razor blade overnight.

What I think would be useful…

  1. A comprehensive set of science measurements, covering all known forms of energy, and identifying what actually does exist on the plateau. (Maybe done by the Germans noted above).

  2. Looking at what published books suggest re interior technology (basically crystal eggs and something in the sarcophagus). The eggs were supposedly broken and scattered to prevent it restarting. But finding/repairing/substituting these might be useful. (My estimate is tens of billions of pounds, though I suspect one or maybe two are in London.)

I could go on, but won’t. It may be no more than mental illness on my part ejc. But it is a fun exercise, that I do wish science would explore further.

so no one has measured this…but…

how did they make accurate calculations, then?

operating what exactly?

for the cops?

Ha, ejc. I was doing a little test on you there. My post was designed to generate a response from you, and now I have the results. Thank you ejc. :partying_face:

a few £ to say you will……:wink:


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The problem with being so transparent…

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