Physics Geeks help please

I need to know if the following is reputable, apparently published in the Journal of Applied Physics. I also found these claims in a recently published well regarded book on the seven wonders of the world.

This matters to me, not for the hard science it claims to enable, but because I have been (sigh I know, but it explains my interest) trying to harness and use these energies for decades, and have indeed identified some energy differentials in the Great Pyramid. Normally I would ask this on a specialised website, but I need an objective view as to the credibility of the article, the journal and the hard science. Why? It aligns with my own personal experiences.

Bluntly, if the science is credible I will have a bit of external evidence, away from esotericists, that I might be on the right track here, and not a loony tune.:notes:

It’s taking a while to debunk the whole charade but there is a phrase that stands out:

“electromagnetic energy accumulates in the chambers”

EM energy cannot accumulate in anything.


The article is 6 years old so why has nothing come of the research in the intervening period?

“ Due to the lack of information about the physical properties of the pyramid, the researchers had to use some assumptions when making calculations”

Assumptions - fucking big ones imho. How can they have credibility when they are making big assumptions.

Personal opinion - all bollocks


What does the paper actually say? Its been theoritcally investigated and similuated. Soxno one has discovered any great mystical powers in the actual great pyramids. They have found maybe the shape of a pyramid has some effect on electromagnetic waves.

So in short, theyve found nothing.

File this with Novak Djokivchs beliefs that the mountains of Serbia contain mystal energies. I.e. load of old bollocks.


American Institute of Physics , the journal of applied physics, all appear to be pseudo scientific constructs to generate the appearance of legitimacy whilst in reality only promoting popular conspiracies; anti vaccines, ancient alien pyramids, and so on.


But apart from all of that it looks legit and the aliens clearly built the pyramids


Perfect, thank you.

A few weeks back I found reference to it in the well reviewed book, published by W&N, Bethany Hughes “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.” Iirc she notes that an EM grid was found by German scientists on the Giza plateau. That obviously caught my attention.

I will file it under, WPB.

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So much bollocks out there about the pyramids. The cordinates match the speed of light to 7 decimals places. Missi g the gact that only one coordinate matches and is so small it just about clips the edge of one pyramid. If also passes through many other things round the world.

They pyramids line up with Orions belt. Also bollocks. The angles dont match snd go the wrong way.


Bugs Bunny interviews Sloggers for a bit part in his next loony tunes movie….

Added…the press reported this, Sky News, The Independent and the Daily Mail. Pity it’s bollocks. But it is what it is.

TLDR but can confirm it’s nonsense.


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See above post. But FatPom, and others, what is your honest view of the following source?

Apart from Harvard, the bottom of the webpage references the Smithsonian, and NASA . But the top of the webpage is ‘ads’. (I assume not advertisements)

Is this something that Harvard, the Smithsonian and NASA have put their name to by publishing it? If so surely it must have some credibility.

absolutely not an endorsement- it’s just a resource base for papers that is run by Harvard. Similar to many others.

Frankly SS you need to lay of the weed and stop getting wrapped up with shite conspiracy theories. What next? Chemtrails? Urine therapy??


Urine therapy….i really do not want to know. Reminds me of the pottymouth videos on YouTube claiming what gorgeous influencers need to do to make their money in the ME.

I will admit however that I am passionate over the pyramids, and am what some would call an ancient astronaut theorist. As an aside, while I only realised it with hindsight, it was a visit to the pyramids that started my exploration of alternative history.

Never taken weed in my life btw.

Here’s the research paper everyone is quoting. Read and come to your own conclusion, whether it’s purely theoretical or not. I’m sure you’ll understand the maths etc.


I think we’re going to need @joex new tester pen.

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perhaps you should…

not sure i’ve ever advocated that before…



The social sciences are replete with crap research…infact a harvard professor has finally gone from her role for a host of indiscretions…