Planet X Carnac Cronus TT Helmet

I’m sure a few on here have this helmet… Whilst I’ve got a number of their lids I can’t get the straps right on it.
Does everyone else have the strapping like this - with the buckle central under ur chin? (google pic - this isnt me :slight_smile: )

I’d thought the buckle should be against the jaw(ish) area with the grey protective bit around the straps sitting directly central underneath the chin.

Thoughts please

@Poet & @JaRok2300 I believe


dude, that means I have to use stairs to get to the basement :wink:


haha - dont exert yourself.
I got the wife on it, she got it better/straighter.
I think its cause I’m trying to compare the carnac to the straps on a casco which was 3 times + the price. With its super soft and well fitting straps.

Too late now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
The grey protective bit is just to wrap the spare cord up with to keep it “aero”
It’s not a great helmet, but for £25 is serves a purpose.

So I’m doing it ALL wrong!!!
Wifes not gonna be pleased here!

Aw, you bar-steward, gotta go back down now to take a photo of the lights I use :wink:

How are those stairs for you today? :wink:


fantastic - dragged myself down there for 60 minutes on the MAAP tour this morning, done a few loads of washing, took some photos of my polished helmet and rear lights.
Quads are fine and dandy.

(this is obviously a massive lie and they are totally trashed)


Mine’s still in my cupboard at work, I’ve never worn it in anger so can’t help I’m afraid.
I am planning on popping in soon, to get some bits so might try and grab it then.