Planet X Exo3 stem

Had a second stem on my Exocet 3 break in less than 3 years.

No luck sourcing a replacement or alternative. Planet x were less than helpful (not surprisingly).

Main race of the year, is two weeks away,and I have no bike!

Any suggestions??

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This is for sale by Ian Cammish, so probably old PX stock, and tech specs look to match Exo3.

Your welcome :wink:

And “other” TT frames :face_with_peeking_eye:


Thanks Flannel

You’re a superstar!


Probably worth dropping him a message first :white_check_mark:
It does look the same …

I didn’t realise the Exo3 was so integrated :exploding_head:

Yep, have dropped him a message to be sure :+1:

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The stem won’t fit unfortunately :confused:

Back to the drawing board.

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If you can find out WTAF this stem is…looks like it fits!

Yep, looks like that would work!

But what the hell is it?

What about this?

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It’s from a Pinkbike advert from years ago…I couldn’t find what was.

Maybe try a reverse Google Image Search?

That @r0bh one looks like ti might be a goer, too?

No tried that…doesn’t fit!

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