PlanetX evo2

Got my tri bike for sale, 2016 planetx Evo2…not expecting to sell it here but where is the best place? eBay fills me with dread to be honest after selling an old roadie and wheels seperately on there last year…so many time wasters.

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There’s a few decent Facebook groups that get loads of traffic. Where in the UK are you?

Stansted way.

Fair play. Was gunna suggest Yorkshire cycle sales on Facebook. I know there are a few with tens of thousands of members. I share your worries regarding eBay. They mostly find in favour of the buyer if there is a dispute.

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@Grobbo did you decide to sell on Ebay?


I did, it didn’t sell but was contacted by two ‘buyers’ with offers that I agreed - both of whom haven’t followed through ffs

That’s not it above by the way!!!

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i was going to say … what’s the seat looking at?


Ha…looks painful!

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